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Personal Information
LocationVictoria, Australia
Contact information
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Hello! I'm Eaglefrost, aka Eagle, aka 'Frosty'. I'm an Ex-Moderator for MyFallen, and have been around for a while, although compared to most of the current members, I'm quite new. I've grown up with computers and technology, have recently started doing code-y things, and I love a challenge.


I was born in Canberra in the mid 2000's. My family moved houses a few times while I was growing up, staying in the ACT and New South Wales, until in the early 2010's, we moved to England for a few years. That's where I picked up my accent (which apparently is 'British', despite me spending most of my life living in Australia and decidedly not in England or the UK), and found a love for science and history. When we moved back to Australia, this time to Victoria, I was (re-)introduced to games, specifically the Age of Empires trilogy. This is where I got my first username, Eagleviper (which I use for all the accounts I made before 2014). Not long after, I started playing the Total War series, and this is where I started to learn a lot about history. The same year, my dad introduced me to an ancient version of Dungeons and Dragons, where I found out about roleplaying.

In early 2014 we were visiting family in Perth, when my cousin showed me Minecraft. Not long after, I got it, and started playing as 'Eagleviper123'. After spending the first half of 2015 in Perth, while our house was being rebuilt, I started to dabble with servers, and in late 2015 I found a now long-defunct server, where I found a group of people who roleplayed Warrior Cats, until it shut down in early 2017. During that time, I started to mod the Total War games, which taught me to love geography. I also started going by Eaglefrost online.

In 2015 I also started to do Taekwondo. I even did it competitively for a time. However, due to a variety of reasons including injuries, I stopped in mid-2019.

In August 2017, a few months after my previous server shut down, I started looking for Warrior Cats roleplays. After going through a few others, which I found a bit iffy, I landed on FallenLight. I lurked for a few days after getting quizzed, until I finally started roleplaying. My first character, Sandpaw, is still alive to this day :) A lot was going on for me when I started. I had just started a new activity and was going on a week-long camp for it, I won a silver medal in the TKD national championships, but I still came back to FallenLight. I was in love :) I completely disappeared from MyFallen in December that year, due to starting Year 10.

Finally, in January 2019, I woke up in the middle of the night. I was thinking for a bit, then remembered FallenLight. That morning, I logged onto the server and lo and behold, it was still alive! I haven't missed a day since (except when I couldn't get there). This is when I started to get more involved in the non-FL parts of MyFallen, and in March, I applied for staff. Aside from the whole FallenLight rebuild saga, there's not much more to mention, aside from that I started playing cricket at a local level in December 2019.

Fun Facts

I have a cat, I'm a government-certified leader, and my high score in cricket is four runs. Yes, four whole runs!!! Also I've fired guns three times in my life. Machine guns are fun :) I'll be starting Year 12 this year so wish me luck!

Computer Specs

I have one


I love learning, really about anything, but especially anything to do with science, history, geography, music, and computers. I of course love gaming, although I probably spend more time modding than actually playing games, and I've dabbled with coding and things like that. I love roleplaying. My favourite book series are probably the Dragonlance trilogy, Warriors, and Ranger's Apprentice universe (which I probably need to catch up on). I'm planning on reading Wings of Fire too, but I don't know when I'll get around to that.