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NoMansLand's Spirit Animal
Personal Information
NameKris 'NoMansLand' Clinton
AgeBetween 20 & 40
RankCommunity Manager
LocationPerth, Australia
Contact information
Overwatch LeagueGladiators.png LA Gladiators
The InternationalTeam Secret.png Team Secret


NoMansLand - Father, Friend, Lover, Community Manager - NoMansLand was spawned in Perth, Australia. Instantly his parents knew he would be awesome. Starting at a young age showing interest in wood working it wasn't until his parents bought his first computer that he really took off. Showing in no time that he had a knack for Information Technology.

After one week of computer use, Kris got bored and started to code mIRC Bots. After some time he got even more bored and started to search online for a new challenge finding a young fledgling game called Tribal Wars. Little did he know that his life would change for the better and Jehosophat's life would change for the worse. Jehosophat was a Senior In-Game Manager and Blog Manager which Kris applied for and became a member of writing fantastic documents for the World 2 server.

Every single article Kris wrote blew her socks off. She was amazed at his writing skills, attention to detail and graphical design. She wanted him to take over the blog but he said no. After Kris said no, they became best friends.

How did you become apart of MyFallen?

Being bored at work and loving computer games I always wanted to bring gamers together. I could never find a community I was "welcomed" to, where I felt I was important and valid. So after a lengthy discussion between Kris, Jehosophat & Queen of Scots, MyFallen was founded. We opened originally as a Crysis 3, Team Fortress 2 community which ran for a while but Minecraft was where we started to get our members.