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"I'll stay with MeadowClan. I've always been loyal to MeadowClan, and that won't change anytime soon."
— Coyotecry to Cougarstar in the beginning of the EclipseClan-TorrentClan war.
Current:MeadowClan.png MeadowClan
Biographical Information
Age:38 moons (3 years 2 months)
Foster son:Slitheringpaw
Temporary mentor:Elkrun
MeadowClan.png MeadowClan Deputy
Preceded by:Howlingwolf
Succeeded by:Sandstream
MeadowClan.png MeadowClan Leader
Preceded by:Howlingstar
Roleplayed by:
Minecraft.png AbbyTurtleGirl
Discord.png AbbyTurtleGirl#2941


Coyotestar is a tall, skinny pale ginger ticked tabby she-cat with light green eyes. She has long, white socks going up each of her legs. Her tail-tip, toes, and ear tufts are black. Her upper canine teeth are slightly longer than her others, and the tips poke out of her mouth just slightly.


Kit [1-6 moons]

Coyotekit and her brother, Foxkit, were her parents only litter. Her father, Firehaze, wasn't present in her life. He chose to ignore his kits and their mother, who he hadn't meant to get pregnant. Windbreeze decided to keep the father of her kits a secret, so no one, including Coyotekit and Foxkit, knew that he was their father.

Windbreeze was devastated when her former mate decided to abandon her. She couldn't bear to look at her kits, who both resembled Firehaze in a way, and often left the other queens in the nursery in charge of them while she went out. Since the two kits had no true parental figures, they formed a very close bond with each other. Instead of playing with the other kits in the nursery, they would play together with no one else. 

When Coyotekit and Foxkit were six moons old, about to become apprentices, Windbreeze was found dead near the border. Her body was mutilated, with her throat slashed out. A rumour started that she had began to see a rogue at the border, forming a relationship with him. Then, the rogue killed her, for reasons only he knew. Their mother's death barely affected Coyotekit, but Foxkit was affected by it. He got even closer to his older sister, often going to her for his problems. 

Apprentice[6-13 moons]

Coyotepaw was given Firehaze as her mentor, which her father hated. He would constantly go to Wolfstar and ask to be given another apprentice. Wolfstar never gather him a new apprentice. This caused Firehaze to be hateful to his apprentice. Coyotepaw never understood why he was so mean to her. She tried her hardest to be the best apprentice she could, but that didn't have an effect on his attitude towards her. 

Despite suffering through her apprenticeship, she stayed happy. She had Foxpaw to comfort herself when she needed it. By this time, she had started to socialize with the other apprentices, but she didn't get too close to them. Coyotepaw and Foxpaw quickly excelled through their training. Often times, Firehaze would leave Foxpaw's mentor, Elkrun, in charge of Coyotepaw while he stayed in camp. Coyotepaw and Foxpaw always tried their best to obey the rules. They were strong believers in LightClan and the Warrior Code.

Firehaze and Coyotepaw encountered a loner inside the border while hunting. Firehaze had instructed Coyotepaw to kill the tom, but she refused. Instead, Firehaze had killed the loner. Then, he turned to Coyotepaw and attacked her. He pinned her down, saying that since she disobeyed him, he would punish her. He tried killing her, but Coyotepaw fought back. Firehaze revealed that he was her father, calling both her and Foxpaw disappointing kits. Coyotepaw ran back to MeadowClan's camp, yelling about how Firehaze had killed a loner and then tried to kill her. A Clan meeting was held, and Wolfstar decided that Firehaze would be exiled from the Clan, though he had never returned from earlier. The Clan assumed that he had left on his own.

Since Coyotepaw was so close to completing her apprenticeship, Elkrun mentored both her and Foxpaw. For their assessment, they were let out into the meadow to catch as much prey as they could before sundown. When the two were halfway through the assessment, a German Shepard barrelled into the field. Foxpaw was the first to spot it, and yelled at Coyotepaw to run. They started running towards a lone tree in the meadow. Foxpaw was able to make it up into the tree, but Coyotepaw tripped on one of the roots. The dog attacked her, flinging her around in it's mouth. She was thrown into the tree, which broke one of her ribs. She was able to run a short distance before the dog caught up to her. It went for a killing bite, but Foxpaw jumped in front of her, saving Coyotepaw. His neck wes snapped by the dog right as Elkrun and a group of warriors arrived. They chased the dog away, and Coyotepaw was left in shock.

That night, the Clan sat vigil for Foxpaw, and Coyotepaw didn't leave his body until they bury it. She was confined to the medicine den for a moon while her ribs healed. While she was in there, she refused to talk to anyone and barely ate. Her faith in LightClan disappeared. She believed that they doomed their assessment to fail, which caused Foxpaw to die and her to be seriously injured. Halfway through her recovery, she started to get sick from malnutrition. When she was about to die, Foxpaw visited her in a dream. He told her that she shouldn't do this to herself, that she had a destiny in the Clan, and that he was happy in LightClan. This caused her to start believing in LightClan again, and she started to eat again. Quickly, she started to get healthy, and was able to leave the medicine den. Elkrun gave her another assessment, and she passed with flying colors.

Warrior [13-38 moons]

When Coyotepaw received her warrior name, Coyotecry, Wolfstar also gave Foxpaw his warrior name, in honour of his sacrificing his life to save a Clan mate. Foxpaw was renamed to Foxwind. She performed normal warrior duties for moons after being named a warrior. After the incident with the dog, she had reoccurring nightmares about that dog. This caused her to stay up late at night, out hunting or just meditating. Often, she would come back with a mouthful of prey, sneaking in through the dirtplace. This would leave cats wondering why there was warm prey in the fresh-kill pile in the mornings. It was around this time that Wolfstar's kin from DriftClan, Sunshower and Howlingwolf, came to MeadowClan to live. Soon after, Wolfstar appointed his daughter as deputy and stepped down.

One night while she was out hunting, she came across another MeadowClan warrior, Sandstream. He was out hunting for the same reason as she was. They formed a friendly bond together, and would go out and hunt together at night. It was around this time that she had her first apprentice - a small, brown she-cat named Dustpaw. Dustpaw was a bit slow, but she managed to get through her apprenticeship at the same time that her siblings did. 

Deputy [37-48 moons]

At this point in time, Howlingstar was ready to choose a new deputy. Coyotecry had spoken to her a few times, but not enough to know her that well. It had shocked Coyotecry when Howlingstar appointed her as deputy. She accepted the role, and became MeadowClan's deputy. Shortly after becoming deputy, she was given another apprentice, Twigpaw. Twigpaw quickly went through his training. He was give the name Twigtuft.

When the war between TorrentClan and EclipseClan happened, MeadowClan allied with EclipseClan, as well as DriftClan. Coyotecry encountered Cougarstar, the leader of TorrentClan, near the border. He told her that Howlingstar was going to betray her, and that she was going to kill DriftClan kits. He tried to get Coyotecry to leave MeadowClan and fight for TorrentClan in the war. Coyotecry refused, saying that she would always be loyal to MeadowClan. Later, TorrentClan, with the help of some rogues, attacked EclipseClan's camp. DriftClan and MeadowClan came to help. The three Clans fought TorrentClan off. Half a moon later, those three Clans raided TorrentClan's camp, but Coyotecry didn't go for this attack. She was sick at the time it happened.

Soon after, Howlingstar became pregnant with kits. She told Coyotecry, saying that once she was ready to give birth, that she would retire. Things went peacefully for the Clans for a few months, until one gathering. Long story short, the five leaders got into a very heated argument, spreading to the Clan members below. LightClan was not happy with this. They covered the moon with clouds, but the argument kept going. Eventually, they caused The Great Earthquake, which killed and injured many cats. The Clan's camps were destroyed, forcing them to relocate. They spent half a moon travelling before they reached their new homes.

Leader [48+ moons]

When they arrive at their new home, Howlingstar retired a few days after being there, surprising Coyotecry. That night, she travelled to the new Light Rock, receiving her lives from Birchclaw, Sunshower, Batstar, Foxears, Duckdew, Cardinalclaw, Wolfcall, Buzzardstar, and Foxwind. She also received a new apprentice, Leafpaw.

That Leafbare, Sandstream came to her, upset. He explained that he witnessed Fernsong abusing her kit, Slitheringkit. Together, they took Slitheringkit from the nursery at night time to keep him safe, but Fernsong woke up. She followed them back to the leader's den and confronted them. After talking, she attacked Sandstream, but he was able to hold her down. Coyotestar exiled her for breaking the warrior code.

About a moon later, a MeadowClan warrior comes to Coyotestar, explaining that a cat has come to talk to her. She agrees to speak to him. When he comes into her den, though, she regrets her decision. The cat is her father, Firehaze, who has somehow tracked the Clans down. He asks her to rejoin the Clan, acting as if he never did anything wrong to her. She tells him to leave, and this angers him. He attacks her and is about to kill her when Sandstream comes in and knocks him off. Sandstream and Firehaze fight, with Sandstream pinning him down. Coyotestar is ready to kill her father, but changes her mind as she thought about it. She lets him go and he runs away. At the beginning of New Leaf, Sandstream asked her to go on a walk with him. They went out to the newly budded tree that is near the Clan’s camp and climbed up into it. Sandstream then asked Coyotestar to be his mate, and she accepted. Since Sandstream was Slitheringpaw’s foster father, Coyotestar became his foster mother. A half-moon later, Coyotestar decided that it was time for her apprentice’s warrior assessment. She took Leafpaw out onto the meadow and let her hunt for half the day. She was successful, and passed her assessment. She was then named Leafbreeze.

A few days later, her former apprentice Twiftuft was murdered. It was presumed that a DriftClaner had killed him. Slitheringpaw was the one to find his body. Coyotestar confronted Thistlestar about the murder, and he didn’t know about it. He told her that he would try to make sure it didn’t happen again. That same moon, Howlingwolf’s kits were made apprentices. The same day that she was told about Twiftuft’s death, Coyotestar appointed Sandstream as her deputy. After the gathering Coyotestar felt a small kick in her stomach. She felt around and sure enough there were more small kicks. The next morning she broke the news to Sandstream who was equally as happy as she was. Soon after finding out she was pregnant, Coyotestar gave birth to four kits. They were named Lupinekit, Cranberrykit, Foxkit, and Volekit.

Roleplay is still going on. More will be added on.


Nine Lives
Life Given by Gift How it was lost
Killed by Firehaze
Broken neck