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Current:SleetClan.png SleetClan
Biographical Information
Age:30 moons
Medicine cat
Medicine cat:Creamtuft
Pack name:Swirl of Cream-Colored Tufts
Brother:Unnamed kit
SleetClan.png SleetClan Medicine Cat
Preceded by:Bumpybank
Succeeded by:Fireglow
Roleplayed by:
Minecraft.png TsundereCockatoo
Discord.png Cockatoo123#4848


Creamtuft is smaller than average, with thick cream-coloured fur and white swirls mixed into her fur. She has soft, slightly droopy sea-green eyes. She has a rounder, fluffier appearance as opposed to the strong build of a SleetClan warrior, though she has just enough strength to make her way around SleetClan's territory fine. Her body is relatively without any scarring, except for a small nick on her flank.


Creamtuft is gentle at heart and patient with others if they're patient with her. Her head can be in the clouds at times, and she can be a little slow to respond. Still, she does her best to work hard, keep a positive attitude, and perform her duties well. Creamtuft doesn't question the status-quo often and follows orders to a tee most of the time, making her a bit of a pushover. She gets embarrassed easily. When it comes to her medicine cat duties, Creamtuft can keep a level head in dire situations and seems to snap out of her daydreams when she's focused, allowing for her to make snap decisions when required.



Creamkit was born to Glacierfrost, a senior warrior who had been loyal to SleetClan since its days as a pack. As typical for a first litter, Glacierstorm birthed only two kits: a still-born tom and a she-cat that had nearly been too small and feeble to nurse. With the father nowhere in sight, Glacierstorm raised her daughter on her own, protecting her kit fiercely. Creamkit was sheltered quite early on in her kithood, and was frequently not allowed to engage in rougher games with the other kits in fear that her small body would get hurt easily. To quell the boredom, Creamkit would often recount tales she had been told before in her head; tales of the old pack days, of the great battles of warriors. She would often get lost in her own imagination, failing to notice others around her. Her mother passed her own set of morals onto her daughter: her strong loyalty to SleetClan, her belief in a strong work-ethic, her standards for honour. Though Creamkit spaced-out more than her always attentive mother, and certainly did not have the same stomach for battle, she kept her mother's teachings close to her heart.

When she was 5 moons old, the leader at the time, Petrelstar, had been taking on the additional duties of a medicine cat in order to compensate for the recent vacancy in the position. Finding nothing else to do, Creamkit helped him with small tasks. She obeyed each order without daring to goof-off, and didn't pester the tom with questions, which piqued his interest. After she had begun her 6th moon of life, Petrelstar offered the position of medicine cat apprentice to her, which she happily accepted.


The warm, safe confines of the medicine cat den suited Creampaw more than the rough lifestyle of a SleetClan apprentice. Healing had become second nature to the young apprentice, and she made fast progress under Petrelstar's tutelage. Though she had to learn to focus on the task at hand, Creampaw was able to memorize medical procedures quite well, and found herb-collecting to be a soothing exercise.

She struck up a friendship with the similarly-aged medicine cat apprentice of DriftClan, Honeypaw. In what be her only black-mark on her squeaky-clean record of obedience, Creampaw would often sneak to the borders to meet with the other apprentice, listening to the shrill calls of the cicadas together. Though like many, they eventually stopped meeting as they grew more bound to their duties, only meeting twice a moon under the service of their respective clans.

In what was a generally uneventful apprenticeship, Creampaw received the name of Creamtuft from Petrelstar when she was 14 moons old, and took over his position so that he could focus on his true role as leader.

Medicine Cat

Creamtuft served SleetClan throughout its struggle to be recognized as a true clan, healing the wounds of the warriors who had bled for the sake of SleetClan. She assumed temporary leadership for her clan as she led them to the new territories following the destruction of their old territory in an earthquake and Petrelstar leaving. Though she had little confidence leading a group of battle-hardened warriors when she herself had never laid a claw on another cat, Creamtuft had little other choice. Like the rest of the clan, she lied about Petrelstar's whereabouts until they reached their new mountain home and settled in. There she received the first word she had gotten from LightClan since the beginning of their journey: the body of a white-furred mouse. Taking this as LightClan's guidance in picking a new leader, Whitedeath was appointed to the position.

In recent moons, Creamtuft has finally settled into her new territory, and taken on an apprentice, Fireglow, to pass on the duty of medicine cat.