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The harsh mountains have shaped these cats to be strong and muscular. They’re intelligent when it comes to safety and fighting, and use their back legs to propel themselves into the air to kill large birds.

DriftClan’s biggest threat is the mountain lion. A dark, hidden cave resides on the cliff face of one of the far mountains, where a pond and tree is. These animals are the most dangerous predator, due to their size and aggressive behavior. Nearly impossible to see against the rocks, mountain lions are stealthy with hunting and aren’t afraid to kill cats. The most efficient way to deal with a mountain lion is to stuff freshly-killed prey full of deathberries (must be found in EclipseClan’s territory) and place it outside the den. It will die quickly after consumption.

DriftClan apprentices also survive through rugged training. Climbing crags, scaling mountain sides, and timed runs through the valley are what make up most of their day. Most of the time, the cat who catches the largest piece of prey gets to eat said prey. This goes for apprentices, too. If an apprentice fails their test, it’s seen as a bad omen.

Due to the danger of the mountains, DriftClan is very strict on their apprentices. If an apprentice ignores their mentor or another warrior, they may be harshly punished. However, they are not as strict on the code, seeing it more as a guideline then a law.


The cats on the moors are significantly more open-minded than any other Clan, but they still have their superstitions.

It’s not uncommon for a leader to choose their offspring as deputy. If the leader has been good and strong and chooses their son or daughter as deputy, then the Clan sees it as a good sign and rejoices for another great year. If the deputy becomes leader and turns out not to help MeadowClan, then the former leader will often be blamed.

Due to the large amount of tyrannical leaders MeadowClan has had in the past, they’re quite paranoid when it comes to deputy choosing. When a deputy is appointed and the sky that night is clear, then it’s taken as a positive omen that the deputy was a good choice. If the sky is clouded and no stars shine, then cats begin to believe said deputy has bad intentions.


With their extensive amount of tunnels, EclipseClan often feels that they’re entitled to every tunnel, whether it leads to another Clan’s territory or not. This can cause problems with alliances and even spark wars. They especially think the Crystal Cavern is theirs, but it’s been a fight that’s most often hard to win against MeadowClan and TorrentClan.

With their great night vision and dark pelts, EclipseClan cats can move stealthily through the tunnels, or even above ground, in the dark oak forest. They’re less likely to allow other medicine cats to use their herbs, but it really depends on the leader.

One of EclipseClan’s greater threats has been rats and stoats. Both animals, while smaller rodents, are merciless with their claws and teeth, and their hordes can overtake even a group of cats. Wild garlic is best used for rat bites, but it’s rarer in the forest than EclipseClan’s other herbs. Great measures have to be taken to defeat rats and stoats, and with them mostly living underground, life can become hard.


Being known Shadow Forest worshipers, TorrentClan isn’t the most popular Clan. They can be aggressive, quick to attack, and ignorant to morality. Knowing that the Shadow Forest is a cruel and harsh place, most cats do their best to make sure they’ll be accepted and welcomed there after death. Any cat in the Shadow Forest that’s attacked and imprisoned by other Clanmates are seen as weak. If a TorrentClan cat goes to LightClan, they’re also seen as weak.

Because of their ancestors, TorrentClan cats believe they have to prove themselves to be welcomed into the Shadow Forest. Thus, many will sacrifice rogues, loners, kits, and even cats from other Clans. These cats are swept down the Rocky Rapids, and if they die, then the Shadow Forest has accepted that cat. If they survive through the rapids, then it shows that either the Shadow Forest is disappointed with the sacrifice and wants something better, or that the Shadow Forest doesn’t want that cat yet.

Apprentices are also trained harshly, and are expected to swim up the Rocky Rapids. They should also be able to hold their breath and lap around the entirety of the island underwater. If an apprentice dies, then they’re either seen as weak, or it’s said that the Shadow Forest needed a new sacrifice.

TorrentClan also has an abundance of bees living in the trees and around the territory and surrounding rivers.


Cold, tireless, year-long winters have made SleetClan cats tough and sharp in nature. Being the newest Clan with a history of being challenged by other leaders, SleetClan can become paranoid when it comes to fighting, and have been known to stay out of battles and wars if possible.

Being a former pack, many cats still follow old traditions and engage in pack culture. The most common thing that happens are group hunts. These often occur to celebrate something, and half or most of the Clan gathers to hunt for prey to bring back as a feast. New leaders must also engage in an initiation hunt. If it goes well, then it’s seen as a good sign for SleetClan. If little to no prey is caught before Moonhigh, then it’s a bad sign.

Though rare, wolves have been known to stray into the territory. These creatures are huge, and if provoked or hungry, will definitely attack. Even one can cause chaos in SleetClan, but a whole pack would most likely decimate their entire population. These are very dangerous animals, and all cats are instructed to stay away from them. Most of the time, wolves are dealt with by waiting them out. They often lose interest and leave the mountain, but sometimes they’ll stay for a few nights. If this happens, then most of the Clan will have to attack and drive the wolf out.