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"I just wanted to say thank you. For...everything. And I'm sorry I thought you were bad. I should've known you're nothing like your sister."
— Firepaw to Sheepbleat in the medicine den
Fireglow (credit: Bumblebea)
Current:SleetClan.png SleetClan
Past:TorrentClan.png TorrentClan
Biographical Information
Age:18 moons (1.5 years)
Medicine cat
Medicine cat:Fireglow
Sisters:Gingerleaf, Robinkit
SleetClan.png SleetClan Medicine Cat Apprentice
Preceded by:Creampaw
SleetClan.png SleetClan Medicine Cat
Preceded by:Creamtuft
Roleplayed by:
Minecraft.png Painteh
Discord.png Morgan#9254


Fireglow is a small flame-colored tabby tom with blue eyes, pale white socks, muzzle, eartips, and no claws.


After the torture inflicted by Russetpaw and Smokepaw, Firepaw has become quiet, jumpy, and scared. He is definitely not okay but pretends he is, mostly for his Clanmates and Frostpaw. Fireglow can get snappy sometimes when his memories get to be too much, but always tries to be as nice and polite as possible. He doesn’t like being touched or snuck up on, and most of the territory he plain refuses to go through. Despite all this, Fireglow does love helping and healing his Clanmates, and making friends is something he still enjoys, even if he’s less trustworthy and naive. Unfortunately he is a lot more paranoid than before and it takes a while to trust other cats.


Kithood [1-5 moons]

Fireglow's kithood was mostly dominated by the war between TorrentClan and EclipseClan. Born to the TorrentClan deputy, Humbleflower, and her mate, Foxstep, Firekit was raised in a chaotic environment that quickly affected his responses to certain situations. After Robinkit's death, and Gingerkit's kitnapping by TorrentClan, Firekit grew to become nervous and shy.

Apprenticeship [5-12 moons]

Firepaw was made an apprentice at 5 moons old by Cougarstar, who he grew to fear greatly. Only his family knew of Firepaw's lack of claws, so he became even more on edge through his TorrentClan apprenticeship, terrified that Cougarstar would find out about his disability and kill or exile him. It was near this time that he began to question the Shadow Forest and instead pushed his beliefs closer toward LightClan. After his mother's death and father's disappearance, Firepaw told Gingerpaw he was leaving TorrentClan to find another Clan that believed in LightClan. She was sorrowful, but accepted his decision and bid him farewell.

After leaving TorrentClan, he wasn't entirely sure where to go, but let his paws lead the way. Firepaw ended up in SleetClan and eventually joined their ranks as an apprentice. In his new environment, Firepaw grew more comfortable and, for once in his life, felt safe. He took an interest in medicine and spent a lot of time with Creamtuft, the medicine cat, before she asked him to become her apprentice. Ecstatic, Firepaw agreed, and a new era in his life began.

Medicine Cat Apprenticeship [12-18 moons]

As the new medicine cat apprentice, Firepaw spent more time around Whitestar and grew to fear him as well. When SleetClan and EclipseClan went to war, he helped Timberstrike, EclipseClan's deputy, return his injured Clanmates to their border. Later, Timberstrike attempted to manipulate him, but Firepaw was too nervous to really take in what the deputy was saying. He became very uncomfortable around Timberstrike afterward.

When the short war ended, Firepaw spent more time learning herbs and exploring the territory. It was here he came across Apollo, a loner that he got along with very well. Firepaw began to develop feelings for the other tom, but never acted on them, even though Apollo showed great interest in Firepaw. Later, he found an injured loner, Honeymelon, on the border, and brought him into camp to heal. Curious, he and Apollo followed the trail to see who had attacked Honeymelon and came across a clearing with a fox den. Inside were two apprentices- Smokepaw of SleetClan, and Russetpaw of DriftClan. They were holding Frostpaw, an injured SleetClan apprentice, hostage, and planned to kill him. After knocking Apollo out, Russetpaw attacked Firepaw and Smokepaw attacked Frostpaw. After being physically and verbally assaulted, Firepaw was let go by Russetpaw and told to return with herbs to heal Frostpaw or he'd be killed. Firepaw quickly agreed, and when he returned, he began to desperately heal Frostpaw. Russetpaw told Firepaw that he would have to heal any cats they kidnapped and be a part of his games. If not, Frostpaw would die. Firepaw obliged, but knew that things would probably only get worse.

Firepaw talked to Apollo after and told his new friend he didn't want to be around him anymore. Apollo angrily left and Firepaw felt like his life was falling apart around him. He wanted Apollo as a friend, but didn't want to risk his life, so decided scaring him off would be easier for both of them. The next day, Firepaw asked a fellow apprentice, Sheeppaw, to come into the forest with him to the training caverns. He washed his paws in water, as they were still stained with blood, and was thrown into a flashback. Firepaw began to break down and confessed everything to Sheeppaw, who he wasn't aware was Smokepaw's brother. Sheeppaw advised Firepaw to tell Whitestar what had happened, but he refused so he could save Frostpaw. They eventually made a plan for Sheeppaw to distract Smokepaw and Russetpaw so Firepaw could go in and lead Frostpaw back to SleetClan's camp.

Later that day, Firepaw returned to the fox den as ordered. Russetpaw was holding a loner kit, Faucet, close to his paws, and asked Firepaw questions about LightClan. Russetpaw then told Firepaw to either choose Faucet to die or Frostpaw to die. He began to have a nervous breakdown and tried to get Russetpaw away from Faucet, but his lack of claws made it difficult. Russetpaw pushed Firepaw into the snow and held him there, making him watch as Smokepaw brutally murdered the kit in front of his eyes. After it was done, Firepaw felt his faith in LightClan slip away, and he suddenly wished he'd never left TorrentClan at all. He buried Faucet and was allowed to heal Frostpaw. Not long after, Minkpaw of TorrentClan showed up to taunt Smokepaw and Russetpaw, then eventually left. Firepaw promised Frostpaw he'd help him find a way out of their situation. The next day, when talking to Sheeppaw, Firepaw called the plan off so he could further protect his new friend. Sheeppaw was stubborn and threatened to tell Whitestar, but Firepaw refused to tell Sheeppaw where Frostpaw was being held and asked why he cared so much. Sheeppaw spilled that he was Smokepaw's brother, and upon hearing this, Firepaw quickly ran away, terrified that Sheeppaw was working with Smokepaw and just manipulating him further as a game, like Russetpaw.

Avoiding Sheeppaw, Firepaw began to go back and forth between the fox den and camp, healing Frostpaw little by little. He began to medicate himself with poppy seeds to dull the anxiety and flashbacks, but they didn't help as much as he wished.

Finally, one day, Firepaw had enough. He managed to be alone in the fox den and told Frostpaw they were leaving. Unbeknownst to him, Sheeppaw had followed, planning to help Firepaw with the plan. Sheeppaw threatened to kill Smokepaw and distracted Russetpaw as Firepaw led Frostpaw out of the den, helping him back to camp. They were intercepted by a strange EclipseClan apprentice, Dapplepaw, who helped them back to camp. Finally out of Smokepaw and Russetpaw's claws, Firepaw began to really heal Frostpaw, but still didn't feel safe in camp.

After the rescue mission, Sheeppaw became a warrior, Sheepbleat. Firepaw apologized for how he'd acted and reconciled with Sheepbleat, and the two became friends again. After a gathering, Firepaw managed to cross paths with his sister, now named Gingerleaf. He didn't exactly tell his sister what had happened, but she knew something was wrong, so urged him to tell Whitestar about whatever was going on. Finally feeling more confident, the next day, Firepaw talked to Whitestar and told him everything that happened. After questioning Frostpaw, Whitestar furiously woke Smokepaw- now Smokefrost- up, and exiled her immediately. She glared at Firepaw as she walked by and left camp without another word. Firepaw still didn't feel completely safe, but with Smokefrost finally away, he began to feel more at home.

-Roleplay is ongoing. More will be added as it continues.