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"I believe in you, Acorn. You’ll be a wonderful father, even with our… complicated… family situation. I love you so much, you know that?"
— Hummingbirdspirit to Acornnose at the border
Current:TorrentClan.png TorrentClan
Biographical Information
Age:27 moons (2.2 years)
Beliefs:Shadow Forest
TorrentClan.png TorrentClan Deputy
Preceded by:Scarlethawk
Succeeded by:Clawberry
TorrentClan.png TorrentClan Leader
Preceded by:Scarletstar
Roleplayed by:
Minecraft.png thebirmster
Discord.png birm#0752


A lean, yet small, calico she with bright green eyes. She has a prominent orange splotch on her chest with the rest of her pelt being a mix of orange, black, and white splotches. Has a very thick Boston accent, for some odd reason.


Very cheerful and kind and always loves to help others. Very motherly and loves kits. She hates confrontation and will do all she can to avoid it until it’s her last resort. A little paranoid that her secret of being mates with Acornnose will be found out or told to the whole clan by Jaguarspots, especially now that she is the leader.


Kit [0-6 moons]

Hummingbirdkit was born as an only child to Robinwing and Starlingchirp. Despite her size and her only-childness, they were incredibly proud of her daughter as she grew her way through being a kit. Humming didn’t really talk to many kits when she was, y’know, a kit, so she didn’t have many friends as she was training to be an apprentice later.

Apprentice [6-12 moons]

Hummingbirdkit, now Hummingbirdpaw, worked hard to be a great warrior. Trained by Larkcall, however, she had a very tough time getting through her training. He was very harsh and critical and made her rethink her ambitions of being a warrior. Were all warriors this rude? She thought so throughout her training, her child-like optimism wearing away and replaced with doubt. Despite his harsh treatment and his strictness, Larkcall felt a sense of pride in her work ethic and determination. And instead of training her to be aggressive and offensive, he relied on her small stature to get her to be more quick and evasive. Unfortunately, his focus on combat forced her to be a little lacking with swimming even though it’s a TorrentClan staple.

Hummingbirdpaw eventually went to her parents for advice on how to proceed as she felt lost. She worked hard, just like how Larkcall saw, but she felt hopeless and felt like she was stuck in a routine. Her parents cheered her on, however, and told her that she must not lose hope; she has already made them proud.

Warrior [12-25 moons]

Hummingbirdspirit became a warrior after passing her test with flying colors. She regained her optimism and her mood increased after her training and felt like a new cat. Additionally, and luckily, she was proud to be a TorrentClan Warrior, and loved going on patrols and going out into the territory on her own.

Several moons after she became a warrior but just before the war and subsequent move, she encountered a DriftClan cat lounging by the border. Initially suspicious of this fellow, he introduced himself to be Acornnose and was friendly to her, despite the Clan difference. They soon got along quite well and became friends, and had common ground as Acornnose was originally from TorrentClan. They commonly met at a clearing by the two clans’ borders and would talk for a while every day before returning to their respective camps.

One fateful day, Hummingbirdspirit and Acornnose were out fishing by a bordering river and Humming slipped into the torrential (ha) current as it took her far and away. Acornnose, being a better swimmer than she, picked her up from the river and dragged her to land. As he saved her life, Humming felt new, romantic feelings for Acornnose because she was young and he did one nice thing. What Humming didn’t know, however, was that Acorn reciprocated the feelings yet.

The next moon or so followed with tentative conversation aided by Humming’s newfound crush on Acornnose. Unsure of what to do now, Hummingbirdspirit asked fellow Torrentclanner Moonstep for advice. He encouraged her, even though her love for Acorn was frowned upon by most clans.

The war between TorrentClan and the other clans soon broke out, and Acornnose and Hummingbirdspirit found themselves distanced, yet united in their shared distaste for the needless violence. Hummingbirdspirit, however, went with the raiding party on EclipseClan to make sure no one was suspicious of her for being distrusting of the leader. Yet when DriftClan helped out EclipseClan, Acornnose and Hummingbirdspirit found themselves forced to awkwardly “attack” each other so as to not hurt each other. Humming was later relieved that the raid ended in a retreat on TorrentClan’s part.

Eventually, Hummingbirdspirit gained the confidence to confess her feelings to Acornnose, who reciprocated. They then became mates, to the chagrin of fellow TorrentClan warrior Jaguarspots. He confronted Hummingbirdspirit after she confessed to telling her that he knows she’s mates with Acornnose and that unless she wants that information leaked to the entire clan, she needs to do whatever favor he asks her to do. Terrified, Hummingbirdspirit agrees and has several encounters with Jaguarspots, one time even seeing him while she met with Acornnose. Paranoia and fear invaded her mind, fearing the worst with Jaguarspots always being around. Acornnose soon talked to her and eased most of her worries.

Several moons later, Hummingbirdspirit became pregnant with Acornnose’s kits, and she was more than happy to share the news with him. He, on the other hand, was concerned as she’d have to cover up her pregnancy and keep it secret from all of TorrentClan, including Jaguarspots.

Deputy [25-27 moons]

While Hummingbirdspirit was still pregnant, Scarletstar announced that Hummingbirdspirit was her choice as deputy. Even though she was elated, she had the worry that her newfound spotlight as TorrentClan’s future leader would shine a light on her secret relationship. She voiced this concern to Acornnose, and while he did support her path, he also worried about the consequences of this appointment.

Once the kits were born they agreed to take one kit. Minkkit went to Hummingbirdspirit, and Bumblekit went to Acornnose to live with him in DriftClan. Both cats had doubts about how they’ll still be able to keep their relationship a secret, but even after Minkpaw became Jaguarspots apprentice the only cats who fully knew from Hummingbirdspirit’s perspective were Moonstep, Jaguarspots, Sootstep, and Scarletstar.

Hummingbirdspirit, after learning that Bumblepaw was made an apprentice, tried to set up a family reunion with Acornnose, Minkpaw, and Bumblepaw. However, none of it went according to plan as Minkpaw hated her father and fought with her sister, disgusted that they were in a different clan than she was. The deputy was shocked at her behavior and yelled at Minkpaw, who was equally as angry at her mother. Feeling immense guilt at her actions, Hummingbirdspirit brought Minkpaw home, yet never yelled at her like she said she would. She was still determined to bring Acornnose and Bumblepaw to TorrentClan, yet dreaded the day that she decided to do so.

After a couple of moons of being the deputy, Scarletstar confided in Hummingbirdspirit before the gathering that she would retire soon, and offered to help mentor Hummingbirdspirit to become a great TorrentClan leader. Hummingbirdspirit accepted the offer. Scarletstar stepped down soon after their talk, leaving Hummingbirdspirit to be the new leader of TorrentClan.

Leader [27+ moons]

Moments after Scarlethawk stepped down, Hummingbirdspirit realized Minkpaw wasn’t in the crowd but was in the Medicine Den. Because she never wanted to actually yell at her baby, she hadn’t spoken to her since the family fiasco. Minkpaw was angry that her mother never visited her, let alone knew that she was injured. Hummingbirdspirit was, once again, distraught at her daughter’s behavior, but she pleaded with her that she at least try to tolerate and speak to her father and sister when they join TorrentClan. Minkpaw seceded and agreed, and the mother-daughter duo forgave each other, or at least the mother forgave her daughter.

A couple of days after she became leader Hummingbirdspirit went to the Light Rock to receive her lives. Everything went well until Mudstar revealed to Hummingbirdspirit that Acornnose was his son. Astonished that Acornnose never told her the truth, she confronted him at the border after she got her lives and her name, Hummingbirdstar. Despite emotions running high during their brief spat, she soon forgave Acornnose. She soon allowed both Acornnose and Bumblepaw into TorrentClan, believing it to be the right choice.

By the next Gathering, Hummingbirdstar’s qualms about being leader were multiplied tenfold. She hated how she didn’t have Scarlethawk to guide her through how to not cause controversy among the other leaders. And even though the rest of the Gathering went off without a hitch, when Hummingbirdstar stepped up to speak she was attacked and pushed off of the ledge by a fellow TorrentClan warrior named Carpflight. The impact of the fall ripped away from her first life, and as she healed from her wounds, Acornnose and Minkpaw fought and killed Carpflight out of revenge.

Unfortunately for barely conscious Hummingbirdstar, there would be more to come as Thistlestar was angered at how she had taken Acornnose and Bumblepaw without his permission. He claimed the basking rocks as his own as Acornnose, Minkpaw, and Bumblepaw left the Gathering, their mate, mother, and leader being carried by the former.

After her fall, Hummingbirdstar knew that she needed a deputy as soon as possible. While she had considered Moonstep as a choice, as he was a dear friend to the leader, Clawberry had caught her eye, and she decided upon him to be her successor.

A few days after the Gathering, Hummingbirdstar had decided to confront Thistlestar about the events that had transpired. He was understandably angry, as Acornnose was a senior warrior and Bumblepaw was a promising apprentice. Humming stood her ground, though her stubbornness regarding her family cost her her second life. Thistlestar would keep the Basking Rocks, but Hummingbirdstar learned an important lesson in self-sacrifice as a leader.

A moon after Hummingbirdstar found out that she was once again pregnant with Acornnose’s kits, but when she wanted to tell him about the good news she found out that Minkpaw went missing. When Minkpaw came back, she found out that Hummingbirdstar had given birth to Maplekit, Newtkit, Troutkit, and Chestnutkit. Minkpaw wasn’t happy about her new siblings-- at all, but Hummingbirdstar and Acornnose were elated to have more kits.

-Roleplay is ongoing. More will be added as it continues.

Lives (Eight)

Nine Lives
Life Given by Gift
Mother's Love