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"Especially you, Cougarstar. You might want to pay extra attention considering I had to come to your rescue not too long ago."
— Mulberrysky to Cougarstar during a Gathering on the topic of a mysterious rogue at the Eclipseclan border
Current:Lc.png LightClan
Biographical Information
Cause of death:Killed by Cougarstrike
DriftClan.png DriftClan Deputy
Preceded by:Thornrunner
Succeeded by:Mothtail
DriftClan.png DriftClan Leader
Preceded by:Goldenstar
Succeeded by:Deadstar
Roleplayed by:
Minecraft.png toonpey
Discord.png toonpey#6808


Mulberrysky is a thick-furred, medium sized, Maine Coon tom-cat with a ticked, silvery grey pelt. His limbs and head have very distinct black tabby markings that fade out around his elbows/hips, and his plume-like tail is covered in the same markings. His white chest and paws pop out against the black, and his eyes are a dull hazel color. There is one, small white splotch of fur over part of his nose and muzzle, too. Mulberrysky has a faint French accent, typical for Eclipseclanners, but he usually speaks very monotone and flatly. His eyes rarely shine with emotion, too, unless in the presence of a cat he likes or if he’s seriously irritated.


Mulberrysky genuinely is a sweet, gentle, and caring tom-cat, but his distant and aloof facade makes forming relationships sometimes a struggle for him. He fears getting close to others, but he would defend his clan with his life without a single thought. Though he masks his genuine emotions with the dull, uninterested, and blank face he usually wears, his actions speak against his facade, and he is fiercely loyal and proud of Eclipseclan. Mulberrysky, due to his pride of Eclipseclan, was deeply ashamed and humiliated by Goldenstar’s disappearance, which contributes to his underlying self-consciousness (on top of his failure to follow the Warrior Code on a strict interpretation). Mulberrysky is very intelligent, but he can also be super flirty without even realizing it. He also assumes a lot of guilt, and he’ll blame himself before blaming others. Though when severely irritated, particularly when the whole of Eclipseclan is called out, he is blunt, harsh, sharp-tongued, and will have zero tolerance for any faulty accusations.



Most of Mulberrykit’s life went by in a blur. His mother was always very tender and kind to him, but his father wasn’t around for very long. Thundercrash caught a rare strain of blackcough, and he died within a few days, just as Mulberrykit was turning four moons old. His mother continued to care for him with the help of his older brother, Owlpaw.


Mulberrypaw was made an apprentice under the keen eyes of Stormstar, who mentored him at the same time as he mentored and older apprentice, Thistlepaw. The two apprentices grew close, sharing in their slight fear of Stormstar (Thistlepaw being more intimidated by the leader than Mulberrypaw). It was also during his apprenticeship that he first met Lazari, a cute she-cat around his age, at the loner border. She was pretty defenseless, and he took pity on her because she was always alone. He started showing her what he was learning from Stormstar as well as all about the different clans and clan life. Stormstar eventually found out he was meeting with Lazari, and he intimidated them enough to stop meeting for several moons, though the feelings they had been developing never ebbed away. Stormstar eventually grew busier, and he assigned Misthope to take over Mulberrypaw’s apprenticeship.

It was also during this time that his brother, now Owltalon, committed suicide after losing the love of his life and his mother died in a hunting accident; she slipped from a ledge in a dark tunnel, fell several tail-lengths to the stone floor, and hit her head. Owltalon had very obvious, romantic feelings for the medicine cat during his lifetime, Hawkdapple, which influenced Mulberrypaw negatively. At first, he regarded the Warrior Code with a loose interpretation, which also contributed to why he let himself get so close to Lazari, but after Owltalon ended his own life, he recognized the power behind the Code and vowed to live more strictly by it. These series of unfortunate events led some to the development of his closed off nature.


Right before Stormstar picked his deputy, Thornrunner, he made Mulberrypaw a warrior, giving him the name Mulberrysky after his dark pelt. He spent several moons performing normal warrior tasks without much interruption. He watched his apprenticeship friend, now Thistlecharm, find a mate, Spottedflower, and have a healthy litter of kits. The family reminded him of Lazari, and he started to search for her again. The two met again on an off-chance; it was mere coincidence, but that sparked their interactions once more. Things between them grew stronger, and he even spent the night in her den once.

Suddenly, though, as leaf-bare rolled around, Lazari disappeared. Mulberrysky spent countless hours searching for her. This really put a damper on his morale in general, and it wasn’t until several moons later that he realized again that he had lost track of that strict interpretation of the Warrior Code. He started to get his warriorship back on track, and he was even given an apprentice: Quillpaw.

Stormstar’s passing hit the young tom-cat hard. He and Thistlecharm spent a good deal of time together in remembrance of their former mentor, and he was outraged when Thornrunner vanished to be a loner, running away from his responsibilities. Goldenflower stepped up to take the place of Thornrunner; she was approved by the senior warriors of Eclipseclan, and she was made leader. As soon as she was leader, though, she started to slip from her responsibilities. Patrols weren’t making it out on time, and there were several Gatherings where she didn’t attend. Eventually, she disappeared, too. Sagemask, the Eclipseclan medicine cat, had to speak for her twice, and Mulberrysky eventually spoke on behalf of Eclipseclan. The one time he did speak, the leaders behind him paid him no mind and carried on conversation between them. Mulberrysky called them out for it, earning apologies from Howlingstar of Meadowclan and Petrelstar of Sleetclan. Batstar of Driftclan refused to apologize, and he made insults at Mulberrysky and Eclipseclan instead.


Petrelstar met with him along the border the day after the Gathering, bringing him a message from Lightclan. The message was a sign: a mulberry placed at the nest of the Sleetclan medicine cat, Creamtuft, and a Lightclan cat visit in her dreams. Petrelstar and Creamtuft interpreted this sign as Mulberrysky should be the next leader.

Within a few days, the new leader had received his lives and had met with a couple of the other leaders. He and Howlingstar formed a friendly bond, and he even patched things up somewhat with Batstar, who he found he was oddly similar to.

His first order of business was getting Eclipseclan back on track, though, and he started setting up regular, timely patrols and guards. He actually participated in many of the patrols and sat guard often in an attempt to boost morale. Mulberrystar also performed several ceremonies. Blueberrypaw became Blueberrybranch, Ashkit, Mudkit, and Runningkit became apprentices, and he even brought a loner into the clan: Finnegan, who changed his name to Frecklepaw. He decided he would take on another apprentice, and he made Frecklepaw that apprentice.

At the next Gathering, he announced he would lead Eclipseclan, and this time he was met with more respect from the other leaders and clans. Shadowfrost, who had grown to be one of his good friends (who he also confided in about his love for Lazari earlier), gave him plenty of encouragement, and he felt more at ease. After the Gathering, though, he found himself at the border, and on mere coincidence again, he stumbled upon Lazari. The two had a short conversation, in which he confessed he was leader and declared they couldn’t continue to see each other any more. Lazari, heart-broken, stormed off, and the two stopped communicating. Shadowfrost helped Mulberrystar through the heartache, too.

Two apprentices, Quillpaw and Ashpaw, left camp by themselves and were attacked by a rogue, Strawberry, who had just murdered a Sleetclan apprentice, Smallpaw. Mulberrystar was on a patrol with Shadowfrost and another warrior, Rainfern, finding the apprentices and bringing them home safely. He held a clan meeting to reiterate the fact that apprentices must have a warrior’s approval or supervision to leave camp, and he made it a rule that patrols must be at least two to three warriors large. He also added mid-morning and mid-afternoon patrols and said no one was allowed to leave camp by themselves.

Several other warriors and apprentices were attacked, and two were even kidnapped: Figpaw (first) and Runningpaw (second).

The rogues continued to torment the border, particularly Strawberry, and Mulberrystar formed an alliance with Meadowclan and Sleetclan to go and eliminate the threats. He talked to several Eclipseclanners, forming a ready patrol for whenever the three leaders decided to have their attack.

Mulberrystar grew close during this time to a few of his clanmates: Rainfern, Mothtail, and even more so, Shadowfrost. Most of his time was taken up by the three she-cats, all of whom started to grow romantic feelings for the leader. He, who was finally getting over his emotional attachment to Lazari, had an almost apprentice-like crush on Shadowfrost, and he asked Mothtail for advice on how to ask her out, much to Mothtail’s dismay. Rainfern confessed her feelings for Mulberrystar, and as he turned her down, she grew depressed, even eventually attempting to take her own life. She was kept in the Medicine Cat den for a while after this, and Mulberrystar tried a few times to fix things with her, but she always turned away from him. After healing in the Medicine Cat den, she ran off, and her apprentice, Runningpaw, left with her. Mulberrystar was heartbroken that his friend disappeared, and he spent countless days and nights stressed, frustrated, and searching for the two cats to no avail.

The situation at the border pertaining the rogues was still a nasty one. Shadowfrost went out to search for Rainfern, but she met Strawberry instead, and he slashed open her stomach. It was actually Mulberrystar who found her and brought her back to camp. Later, Mothtail and Mulberrystar had to fight off Strawberry again, who they had caught with Figpaw along the border; they had been secretly meeting for a while. No one was seriously injured, but Mulberrystar punished Figpaw, confining him to camp and increasing his apprentice duties for three-fourths a moon or so.

Those two instances were the last situations Mulberrystar had to face along the border regarding rogues for a long while, and the original intention to drive Strawberry from the area with the help of Howlingstar and Petrelstar died out as the rogue seemingly vanished. Figpaw returned to his regular apprentice duties, and he was later given his warrior ceremony, earning the name Figbranch.

Mulberrystar’s relationship with Mothtail grew more intense, and part of him noted her as more than just a friend. She brought out the playful side of him and was always the cat he turned to for guidance. Mothtail tried not to burden him with her saddening past, but she opened up to him about her earlier struggles in life, which still seemed to haunt her. At one point, her previous mate, Falconbeak, came padding up to Mothtail and Mulberrystar, and he kept apologizing over and over again, saying that she was “still his girl.” Knowing the horrible things Falconbeak had done to Mothtail, Mulberrystar was furious and repulsed, and he made a sneering lie to the other tom that Mothtail was his mate and that he needed to back off as a way of getting the infuriating tom to stop pestering Mothtail. Falconbeak left them alone after that, but word leaked around camp, eventually reaching Shadowfrost and her brother, Dappledleaf. Mulberrystar explained everything to Shadowfrost, and she forgave him and promised to keep quiet, but Dappledleaf grew hostile towards the leader; he was worried Mulberrystar would just break Shadowfrost’s heart.

Mulberrystar ended up asking Mothtail to be his deputy, and she agreed. He also finally ended up taking Shadowfrost out to a romantic spot in the forest, and he asked if she wanted to be his mate. Shadowfrost excitedly agreed.

Eclipseclan flourished as the moons of tranquility grew, but Mulberrystar himself started to struggle internally after Mothtail grew increasingly distant from him. She could no longer take the pain of watching the leader be happy with Shadowfrost and not her, and she blatantly told him that they should restrict their time spent together to just patrols and other business-matter, which was completely different from before when they used to spend most of their time together. This put a strain on their relationship, and Mothtail eventually decided to resign from her position as deputy. Mulberrystar found himself depressed for several weeks, turning snappy, harsh, and more distant with some of his clanmates. It took a couple moons for Mulberrystar to finally return to his somewhat normal self again, but Shadowfrost’s later announcement that she was pregnant helped boost his morale.

The tom’s mood dramatically increased again when he ran into someone he never thought he’d see again: Lazari. The two spoke for a while, making amends and rekindling their lost friendship, and Mulberrystar jokingly offered to left her join Eclipseclan. Seeing the excitement on her face, even if it was a joke, persuaded him to ask her for real, and she agreed. He gave her a warrior ceremony, renaming her Breezeleaf. He continued to occasionally and accidentally refer to her as Lazari or Laz, though.

The rogue problem had seemingly dissipated except for two instances. Firstly, Mulberrystar coincidentally ran into the TorrentClan leader, Cougarstar, being attacked by an unfamiliar rogue, Whitefang. He assessed the situation and deemed he should attempt to help, joining in on the fight. Cougarstar was less than pleased to have the help of the Eclipseclan leader, and even after they drove the rogue off, Cougarstar remained hostile towards Mulberrystar. At the next Gathering, Cougarstar mentioned nothing of the rogue, but conveniently reminded everyone- though, his words were aimed for Mulberrystar- that anyone who tresspasses onto Torrentclan territory will be punished. Irked, the Eclipseclan leader muttered under his breath, “Not unless they save your reeking pelt.”

The second instance was when Mulberrystar was on a patrol with Quillpaw, another apprentice, Juniperpaw, and Deaddream. Juniperpaw, who had already had a run in with a rogue (Strawberry clawed half of her face off), caught the scent of a squirrel and ran off ahead of the others to catch it. She ran into Whitefang, and Mulberrystar had to fight off the tom while Deaddream tended to the unconscious apprentice. As soon as Whitefang fled, the two toms carried Juniperpaw back, eventually gaining help from another warrior, Weaselwhisker, once they got close to camp again.

At the next Gathering, Mulberrystar brought up the instance with the rogue, even taunting Cougarstar, telling him he ought to pay close attention. Cougarstar refrained from attacking him there, but the two met at the border the following day, spitting harsh remarks at each other. The verbal assaults led to physical violence, and Cougarstar ended up Mulberrystar’s first life, promising a war between the two clans. He returned home, declared war, and ended up meeting with Batstar; the two formed an alliance for the first ambush.

Humbleflower, Torrentclan’s deputy, accidentally crossed into Eclipseclan, and she was attacked by Dappledleaf, who was specifically told not to attack Torrentclan cats during a clan meeting. Mulberrystar found the she-cat and brought her back for Sagemask, the medicine cat, to heal. Cougarstar found out, and with his clan and band of rogues, he attacked Eclipseclan. Houndpaw died, Deaddream was badly injured, and Mulberrystar lost another life. Humbleflower had given clues to who her attacker was- a calico tom, which is rare- and there was only one cat in Eclipseclan who fit that description. After a heated talk with the tom in which he confessed to attacking her, Mulberrystar demoted Dappledleaf to Dappledpaw.

Howlingstar later confirmed that she would join the side of Eclipseclan and Driftclan in the war, and Mulberrystar ended up picking Deaddream to be his new deputy after several moons without one.

During the first raid on Torrentclan, Meadowclan and Driftclan joined in on the fight. Ultimately, the three clans beat Torrentclan and their rogues. There were no casualties, but as ordered by Mulberrystar, Rowanmask kidnapped one of Humbleflower’s kits: Gingerkit. After taking an immense amount of heat for the idea (he stole her in hopes to trade her for peace) by Deaddream, Weaselwhisker, and Shadowfrost, Mulberrystar gave up on the idea and promised to return the kit. He grew sad and upset with himself, mad that he abandoned the Warrior Code yet again for something so foolish.

Shadowfrost eventually had her kits, and all three were precious toms. Mulberrystar wanted to name one of the kits Mothkit, but Shadowfrost shot that idea down. They eventually settled on Buzzardkit, Wolfkit, and Windkit.

Torrentclan eventually raided Eclipseclan, searching for Gingerkit, but the warrior set out to grab her back, Forgottenmoon, picked up the wrong kit: Buzzardkit. So, while Torrentclan and rogues raided Eclipseclan, Forgottenmoon ran back with Mulberrystar’s kit. There were no casualties during the battle, but Mulberrystar lost his third life, and after he regained consciousness, he went to the nursery to check up on his mate and kits, only to realize Buzzardkit was missing. The tom went the following day with Gingerkit and Deaddream to the border, meeting Cougarstar. The other leader brought Buzzardkit with him, and the two trades the kits, ending the war between them.

Mulberrystar returned home with his son, and he immediately resigned from his position as leader, congratulating Deaddream on his new position.


Nine Lives
Life Given by Gift
Mother's Love
Good Judgement