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Far from Twolegplace, deep in the mountains and plains, is the Forest of FallenLight. Here, five Clans fight for prey, territory, and pride, across mountains, valleys, forests and rivers.

The Forest of FallenLight is a roleplay on the MyFallen Roleplay Server, based on the Warriors (or Warrior Cats) series by Erin Hunter. The server can be found here.

The Clans each have their own culture and herbs, and fight over skirmish spots.


In the Forest, there are five Clans that battle it out for land and prey.


In the vast plains at the centre of the Clans, in the sea of long grass and billowing winds, lives MeadowClan. They dart across the fields, their bright pelts flashing past as they chase rabbits. Among the other Clans, they are known as thoughtful cats of peace – that is, when they aren't controlled by a power-hungry dictator, ruling with an iron fist.

MeadowClan occupies the centre of Clan territory, and are the largest Clan. They are surrounded by the other Clans, entirely cut off from outsiders. They are almost entirely surrounded by rivers, with the borders with EclipseClan, TorrentClan and SleetClan being marked by rushing rivers or shimmering streams, while their border with DriftClan, to the east, is marked by the end of the mountain range the other Clan calls home. In the centre of MeadowClan lies a tunnel opening, which leads to the Crystal Cavern. The cave is a hotspot of conflict between them and their neighbours, as both TorrentClan and EclipseClan also believe the underground lake to be theirs.

Long, thin, agile cats make up the majority of MeadowClan. They are built for endurance and speed, able to run long distances to chase rabbits, and jump high to reach low-flying hawks and eagles. Their pelts are often the brightest of the Clans, with common colours ranging from orange, to grey, to snow white.

They have made their home in the centre of the Clans, in the open grassland, with stunted trees scarcely scattered across the meadows. A huge tree, the largest in their land, towers over the camp, providing shade from the harsh sun.

Among the Clans, MeadowClan has a mixed reputation. First and foremost, they are known as one of the most open-minded and peaceful Clans, rarely causing conflict. They are known to be merciful, but fair. However, other Clans are wary of them, as in the past they have often had cruel and powerful leaders, often leading them into conflicts and unjust wars.

MeadowClan cats are quite superstitious. They often look for signs and omens from LightClan. When deputies are appointed, they look up to the sky. If it is clear, the Clan will rejoice, as it is a sign that they will be a good leader in the future. If it is cloudy, or LightClan forbid, stormy, it is an omen of a poor leadership and many hardships to come.

Recently, MeadowClan leaders have tended to appoint their children as their successors.

MeadowClan High Ranks

Rank Name IGN
Leader Coyotestar Discord.png AbbyTurtleGirl#2941
Deputy Sandstream Discord.png Eaglefrost#6072
Medicine Cat Cliffshadow Discord.png BryIsntHere#6217

MeadowClan Herbs: Bright-eye, Comfrey root, Goldenrod, Hawkweed, and Burnet.

MeadowClan Predators: Hawks, Eagles, and Stoats.

MeadowClan Prey: Rabbits, Mice, and Large Birds.


On the high plateaus and in the rocky fields on the far east of Clan territory, where the wind has stripped away the dirt and water has eroded the rock, lives DriftClan. They cling to the side of mountain, their home, stubbornly. They hunt for birds and mice in the crags of their territory, but most watch their backs, as predators stalk the mountain at night, looking for any unsuspecting cat to turn into prey.

DriftClan lives on the mountain range at the far edge of Clan territory. They have a large frontier with loners and rogues, and often encounter outsiders at their border. To their south lies SleetClan and the Valley, the green, prey-filled gorge often being a site of conflict, alongside the large tree bridge above it. To their north is TorrentClan, and the Basking Rocks. Although not as fiercely fought over, there is often contention as to who owns the rocks. Nearby Basking Rocks is DriftClan's hunting ground, a small valley between two hills, which often holds prey and herbs. The badlands to the east are also a common spot for mentors and apprentices, as the small birds, and the high rocks allow many different training opportunities.

DriftClan cats are tall and stocky compared to the rest of the Clans. They can leap high, even compared to MeadowClan, and stand strong against the wind, as well as attacks. They tend to have natural colours for their pelts, ranging from grey, to white, to brown.

DriftClan territory is mostly rocks and plateaus. There is an area to their north, filled with prey and herbs, and to their north-east, the training grounds, which is an area of badlands, made up of rocky spires reaching high into the sky. Mountain lions and coyotes can occasionally be scented, as they stalk the lands at night.

DriftClan are known as strong, stubborn cats. They fiercely defend their independence, and welcome outsiders such as rogues and loners into their Clan. They have had good leaders recently, and are seen as strong as a Clan, as well as as individuals.

DriftClan are relatively independent cats. They don't care so much for the warrior code, often quite lax on the rules they see as less important. Due to the dangerous nature of their home, however, they are highly strict on their apprentices. They are expected to listen to their mentors while they train, but once they become warriors, they are granted much more freedom.

DriftClan High Ranks

Rank Name IGN
Leader Thistlestar Discord.png Gandolph#4816
Medicine Cat Twilighthaze Discord.png toonpey#6808
Medicine Cat Apprentice Frostpaw

DriftClan Herbs: Burdock Root, Sorrel, Deadly Nightshade, Tansy, Yarrow, Chervil, Chickweed, Feverfew, and Goatweed.

DriftClan Predators: Mountain Lions, Coyotes, and Snakes.

DriftClan Prey: Small birds, Mice, and Rabbits.


Deep under the thick oak forests to the south-west of the Clans, in large caverns and winding tunnels which never see the light of the sun, is EclipseClan. Their camp is lit by dim, glowing crystals. They hunt for bats in their tunnels, and mice and squirrels in their forest. They are known for their mystery and beauty, as well as their ability to hide in almost any shadows.

EclipseClan lives in the dense forest on the side of Clan territory, and in the tunnels under and around it. They have a large outside border in the middle of the forest, and occasionally come into contact with loners and rogues, which they are very distrustful of. They are bordered by MeadowClan to their north-east, SleetClan to their east, and TorrentClan to their north. A two rivers cut their territory into three, with an old dilapidated twoleg bridge spanning the southern-most one. Their tunnels also connect to the Crystal Cavern, which they believe they own.

EclipseClan cats have a range of builds, although they are usually built to move through the tunnels. Their pelts tend to be dark, from dark-grey, to blue, to black. They are known among the Clans to be beautiful.

The surface of EclipseClan is a thick forest, with many of the trees being old and thick. The rivers running through their territory is frequented by many small prey. A tunnel up to the surface from their camp leads directly to the training ground, an overgrown twoleg path where mentors can teach their apprentices to move silently, move quickly through the undergrowth, hunt and fight. Rats and stoats are common in the tunnels, especially during leaf-bare, and can be a major problem for the Clan.

EclipseClan cats have a reputation among the Clans of being beautiful and sensitive. This kindness doesn't extend to rogues and loners, however, and EclipseClan cats are usually pure-blooded, as they normally don't let other Clan cats into their Clan, and almost never allow outsiders in. During war, they are known to be deceptive, elusive, and cunning, using the shadows and their tunnels to their advantage.

EclipseClan are highly territorial. They believe they have a natural right to all tunnels and caves connecting to their territory or tunnels, which causes them to come into conflict with the other Clans, and can weaken alliances and cause wars. They are also far less likely to give herbs to other Clans when needed, although this is can change from medicine cat to medicine cat, and leader to leader.

EclipseClan High Ranks

Rank Name IGN
Leader Deadstar Discord.png beayoncé#3485
Deputy Timberstrike Discord.png theflyingocelot#5291
Medicine Cat Shadoweddream Discord.png birm#0752

EclipseClan Herbs: Dock, Stinging Nettle, Wild Garlic, Wood Sorrel, Deathberries, Yew Berries, Night Seeds

EclipseClan Predators: Rats, and Stoats.

EclipseClan Prey: Mice, Bats, and Squirrels.


On the islands to the north of the Clans, with rivers in every direction, is TorrentClan. They are stubborn, and often brutal. As believers in the Shadow Forest, they are quick to welcome rogues, and are often seen as different by other Clans. They will often get into conflict with DriftClan over the Basking Rocks, which is theirs by right as an island, according to them.

TorrentClan can be found in the islands and wetlands to the north of the Clans. They have a large loner border, as well as being bordered to their east by the Basking Rocks and DriftClan, and to their south by EclipseClan, MeadowClan, and the Gathering Place. The border to MeadowClan and the Gathering Place is mostly composed of a large ravine, which has an entrance to the Crystal Cavern.

TorrentClan cats have a range of pelts, due to their mixed backgrounds, but in general they tend to be darker. They have thin, sleek pelts for swimming, as well as strong and agile legs to push themselves through the water. Many cats are either rogues, or from the other Clans, or descendants of those cats.

The Clan's territory is mostly made up of islands and river banks surrounded by fast running rivers. The main river heading towards the Basking Rocks is especially fast, with large rocks and steep drops forming the Rocky Rapids there. Their main Camp is a forested island, with the dens under the roots of large trees. Many of the dens, including the nursery, open onto the rivers surrounding the camp. This can be dangerous, especially for kits. The rest of their territory is mostly composed of islands, which have a mix of vegetation, but are often forests.

TorrentClan is seen as different by the rest of the Clans. As Shadow Forest worshippers, and due to recent wars, they are often seen as unsavoury or cruel by the other Clans. Some cats even see them as more like a pack of rogues then a Clan, although this viewpoint is rare.

The cats of TorrentClan are proud and stubborn, often unwilling to compromise – although there are, of course, exceptions. They are harsh on their apprentices, and on the occasions apprentices do die, they see it as a sacrifice to the Shadow Forest, rather than a tragedy. When major events happen, such as a new leader or deputy, they will often sacrifice an outsider – either a loner or rogue, or a cat from another Clan – to gain the favour of the Shadow Forest. If they don't already have a prisoner, they may go on a hunt as a Clan, to try and find a loner or rogue to sacrifice.

TorrentClan High Ranks

Rank Name IGN
Leader Hummingbirdstar Discord.png birm#0752
Deputy Clawberry Discord.png boom#5024
Medicine Cat Thrifthop Discord.png Endie#4611

TorrentClan Herbs: Blackberry leaves, Coltsfoot, Horsetail, Honey

TorrentClan Predators: Bees.

TorrentClan Prey: Fish, Voles, and Mice.


High on the towering south of the Clans lies SleetClan. The wind whips across the land, stunting trees, and making the paths through the mountains treacherous. Their camp, and the forest that is their prime hunting ground, are located in a small valley, protected from the rest of the Clans.

SleetClan is located on the high, peaked mountains to the south of the Clans and the valleys around them. Their largest border is along the outside of the Clans. They have a border with DriftClan at the Valley, which often changes hands, as well as the tree bridge about it. Their border with MeadowClan is marked by a large river to their north, and to the west is the border with EclipseClan, at the end of the mountains.

SleetClan cats are largely adapted to the snow and sleet and cold of their homes. They have thick pelts to protect them from the cold, and strong claws for gripping ice and climbing. Their fur is usually pale in colour, and most often either white or a light grey.

Most of SleetClan territory is composed of high mountains with sharp peaks. During green-leaf some of the snow melts, creating small streams down the mountain. The harsh wind and extreme heights mean the few trees that are there are stunted, and often bent. A glacier cuts into the mountains on the MeadowClan side. Their main hunting grounds are in the mountain valley, and is separated from the camp by Maple Pass. When it is controlled, SleetClan also hunts in the Valley, which is the primary location of prey during leaf-bare. Wolves and foxes are also present in the forest though, although they are rarely seen, and owls stalk the landscape, looking for unsuspecting cats to snatch up.

SleetClan, although the newest Clan and relatively small, is known for being cold and uptight. They are also seen as outsiders as some, although most think of them as another Clan by this point. They are also seen as a peaceful Clan, as they have stayed out of most of the Clans' wars in the past, although this view is changing.

The cats of SleetClan, for the most part, still see themselves as somewhat different to the rest of the Clans. They still follow many old pack traditions, such as pack hunts, and some cats still follow the old pack naming convention.

SleetClan High Ranks

Rank Name IGN
Leader Whitestar Discord.png Mythic#8897
Medicine Cat Creamtuft Discord.png Cockatoo123#4848
Medicine Cat Apprentice Fireglow Discord.png Morgan#9254

SleetClan Herbs: Sweet-sedge, Tormentil, Alder Bark, Broom, Lovage

SleetClan Predators: Wolves, Foxes, and Owls.

SleetClan Prey: Rabbits, Mice, Birds.

Spirit Clans

Once a cat has passed on from their physical existence or a leader has lost all nine of their lives, they will continue to live on spiritually in one of these three groups. How cats gain entry into one of these groups depends on their beliefs and actions during their life, not just because their clan chose to follow one of these groups in particular. From time to time these cats will come down and visit the clans, often relaying messages through the medicine cats and leaders of each clan.


High above the Clans, shining in Silverpelt, is LightClan. The cats here have starry pelts, and hunt and fight as they did while they were alive. LightClan is a large forest, with expansive plains, where believers and particularly good loners go when they die.

LightClan is the resting place of most Clan cat when they die. When they come here, all of their scars and injuries are removed, and if they are old, they may choose to take the form of a younger them, usually a young warrior. LightClan itself is a large forest, with rolling meadows, and is filled with prey. Injuries sustained in LightClan will immediately heal.

Shadow Forest

On the dark side of Silverpelt is the Shadow Forest. Here, the stars never shine, and the forest is dark and gloomy. Only the worst cats end up here, who either greatly harmed their Clanmates, or who severely broke the warrior code.

The Shadow Forest is the final resting place of evil Clan cats when they die. When they die, they will appear here. Unlike in LightClan, their injuries will not be healed, so any injuries they suffered while they were alive (excluding their dying wound) and any injuries suffered while in the Shadow Forest will be retained. Particularly nasty rogues will also end up here, as will TorrentClan cats, as they worship the Shadow Forest.

The Void

When a cat doesn't believe in LightClan or the Shadow Forest when they die, they awaken in the void. Here there are no stars, no forest, nothing. Void cats may choose to visit LightClan or the Shadow Forest, or walk the world below, among living cats.

The void is a place for cats who do not believe in LightClan or the Shadow Forest when they die. There is no light, and no stars here, and void cats are transparent, and seem like ghosts. The cats who reside here may walk in LightClan or the Shadow Forest, or even the world of the living, but they are unable to interact with anyone.

List of characters

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Spirit Clans

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Holidays and Events

Over the many moons, the Clans have developed their own celebrations. Often, the leader and deputy of the Clan will allow a break from most daily activities, such as cleaning out dens and minor repair work.

Events and holidays are held every few weeks. It is a chance to try something new, and have some fun. Each Clan has a couple of events and holidays, with a few inter-Clan celebrations scattered throughout.


The First Blossom – The First Blossom is a holiday celebrated by MeadowClan cats to celebrate love and companionship by giving gifts and spending time with the cats whom you love. Held on the first Saturday after Valentine’s Day.

LightClan’s Gift – A holiday celebrated by SleetClan to thank their ancestors for guiding them and to worship them through rituals and traditions. 'Held on the third Saturday of March.'

The Crystal Night – A holiday in which the cats of EclipseClan all preen and groom to look their best and celebrate their Clan’s beauty. The Night of SpiritsHeld on the third Saturday of October.


Shadow Hunting – An event in which all the EclipseClan cats compete to find who is the stealthiest cat in the entire Clan. Held on the fourth Saturday of March.

The Great Run – A competition in which teams or singular cats of MeadowClan will go out and run on a marathon that lasts multiple days. Held on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the lead-up to Easter.

The Trial of Wisdom – A competition created and hosted by the Medicine Cats in which they meet up and try and answer a series of questions to see which one of them has the most knowledge. Held on the last Saturday of April, and third Saturday of September.

Last Cat Standing – A competition where the cats of DriftClan fight with each other to see who is the strongest of them all. Held on the fourth day Saturday of May.

The Great Games – An inter-Clan event where teams of cats from each Clan compete with each other in trials of wit, strength, and resilience. 'Held during the summer and winter school breaks (either at the end of December or the beginning of January). '

The Gator Hunt – A TorrentClan event where the cats roam around the territory and try and eliminate as many alligator eggs as possible. Held on the third Saturday of July.

Mountain-Moving Day – A DriftClan competition where the cats clear up all the loose and fallen rocks and try to create a new area or better usage for them rather than have them clutter up the mountain. Held on the last Saturday of November.

TorrentClan Sacrifices – This event has no set date, but the cats of TorrentClan will choose a cat to sacrifice to the river in the name of the Shadow Forest in times of famine, disaster, war, or any hardship.


Skirmish spots

Skirmish spots are pieces of land bordering more than one Clan, which Clans fight for control over. There are a number of reasons why an area might be a skirmish spot, like being abundant in prey, their spiritual connection to the area, the tactical and strategic location, or just that it's a nice place to be.

The Valley

Between the towering peaks of SleetClan, and the high plateaus of DriftClan, is a deep valley, cutting a path into the earth. The gap is filled with prey and herbs, and the river tunnel carries fish into the Clans.

A long, deep valley that sits between the plateaus of DriftClan and the peaks of SleetClan and is shadowed by the Tree Bridge lying at the top. A river formed from the melting glacier cuts through the area as well. Clans bordering the area regularly patrol it due to it's strategical advantage. However, it also acts as a passageway to the LightRock for the rest of the Clans as it makes for the easiest way to travel there. During days of rain and snow, the wind seems to howl through it, giving it a more eerie presence

Valley herbs: Borage leaves, Wintergreen, and Bindweed.

Valley prey: Rabbits, Mice, Voles, Birds, Shrews, and Hares.

The Tree Bridge

Leading directly from DriftClan's camp to the peaks of SleetClan is an enormous tree spanning the valley. Despite being mostly uprooted, it still grows, its leaves dark green, even through the coldest leafbare.

A huge fallen tree that lies above the valley, allowing a pathway across the valley that divides the plateaus of DriftClan and the snowy peaks of SleetClan. The two clans will often contest each other for possession of the bridge to add to their territory as well as for the strategic position. Despite the advantage of laying claim to the tree bridge, it can be quite treacherous to cross due to to its exposure to the elements and often strong winds. The challenge to get to the other side of a test of strength for cats of both clans.

Basking Rocks

Surrounded by meandering rivers, and located next to both DriftClan and TorrentClan, is the Basking Rocks. Outside of leaf-bare, you will see cats sunning themselves, sharing tongues, and relaxing. One of the most peaceful places in Clan territory, they can be highly contested during green-leaf. During leaf-bare however, you will rarely see cats, as the prey is scarce on the rocks.

A set of sunbathed rocks along the outside borders of both TorrentClan and DriftClan that is often argued over by both clans for the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere around it. The rivers flowing from TorrentClan also pool around the area, causing the slow flowing water to provide a soothing effect. In times of peace cats of both clans may be seen basking there together. While not providing as much as a strategic advantage as the other skirmish spots, the area is known throughout all the clans for how peaceful it can be.

Basking Rocks herbs: Chervil, Feverfew, Chickweed, and Goatweed.

Basking Rocks predators: Snakes, especially Adders, Hawks, and Falcons.

Basking Rocks prey: Snakes, Mice, Lizards, Hawks, and Eagles.

Crystal Cavern

Deep under the surface of MeadowClan lies the Crystal Cavern. It is the intersection of three Clans underground, where three tunnels meet. The cavern is filled with a huge lake, and crystals dot the walls and ceiling, casting an otherworldly glow. It is a point of contention between the Clans, with EclipseClan claiming it as a tunnel, MeadowClan claiming it as an extension of the above territory, and TorrentClan claiming it for their spiritual connection to it.

A large cavern scattered with different colored crystals of all shapes and sizes that surround an underground lake and give off an otherworldly glimmer in the dark. There are tunnels leading to the cavern from MeadowClan, EclipseClan, and TorrentClan. While the first two clans compete for the beauty of the place, TorrentClan claims that the area has the strongest connection to the Shadow Forest due to it being one of the darkest places in all clan territory, thus why they compete for it.