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"I hope you're sorry, you fox-hearted piece of dung."
— Shadoweddream to Frostflight before he killed him

Current:EclipseClan.png EclipseClan
Biographical Information
Age:12 moons (1 year)
Medicine cat
Half-sisters:Smokefrost, Glimmeringmist
Half-brothers:Sheepbleat, Brantflight
EclipseClan.png EclipseClan Medicine Cat Apprentice
Preceded by:Sagepaw
EclipseClan.png EclipseClan Medicine Cat
Preceded by:Sagemask
Roleplayed by:
Minecraft.png thebirmster
Discord.png birm#0752


Shadoweddream is a dark black, lithe tom with striking and calculated emerald green eyes. Along his back, he has a smattering of white flecks.


Calculating and ambitious. Very succinct with his words, and typically means what he says. He only lies to protect himself or someone else. Loves to learn, yet craves power as a way to fill the void that was left by his mother’s and sister’s deaths, as well as the absence of his father. Easily manipulated.


Kit [0-6 moons]

Thymeripple, an EclipseClan cat, met and fell in love with Frostflight, a former SleetClan warrior, on the EclipseClan border. She eventually carried his kits, of which he refused to take ownership of, and abandoned her.

Thymeripple struggled to keep her pregnancy secret, as she internalized that she needed to maintain a respectable position in the clan as an adoptive daughter of Crowbeak. However, because she had no official mate in the clan, she felt pressured into lying that she had just gained weight and was not carrying kits.

Thymeripple gave birth to two kits in secret, Shadowedkit and Goldenkit. The former looked quite like his father, and Thymeripple always had mixed feelings about it. Shadowedkit was born smaller than his sister and did not like this one bit. She would tease him about it, although without malice, but he took it the wrong way and it made him self-conscious. To add insult to injury, his mother would spend more time with Goldenkit, as Goldenkit was closer to how she looked and did not remind her of the father of the kits. Therefore, Shadowedkit took this time to contemplate to himself and to explore the camp whenever he could.

Eventually, at the age of 2 moons, his sister died tragically from greencough. He was distanced from it, as he was negatively affected by her actions, but carried guilt for not helping her however he could.

At 4 moons, the EclipseClan-TorrentClan war started and his mother died in a battle against the Shadow Forest worshipping clan. Shadowedkit was distraught as now he had no adult present in his life.

The war, too, had forced Shadowedkit into a prejudiced mindset to initially distrust cats in other clans. This would last through most of his life.

After the death of his sister and mother, he put his growing brain to work on a game called “Skee-moss”. Many older cats were put off by the perpetuated violent nature of the game but it was Shadowedkit’s way of distracting himself from the grief. By 5 moons, he had grown and matured exponentially even though he was a kit. Senior warriors, such as Deaddream, and Elders praised him for his maturity, although he knew that him being mature at 5 moons was not a good sign. However, Deaddream soon gained a trustworthy bond with the young Shadowedkit, and would eventually grow into the first of many father figures for the young tom. His lack of a father present in his life, too, propelled his father-son interactions with Deaddream.

As a kit, Shadowedkit would occasionally bother Antclaw, a warrior, and he would have many bitter meetings with the warrior in moons to come.

Deaddream, now Deadstar, eventually had kits with Weaselwhisker, and Shadowedkit quickly became an unrelated big brother to Tinykit.

Deadstar had put in a good word about Shadowedkit to Sagemask, the Medicine Cat. After Sagemask approved of appointing Shadowedkit to Medicine Cat Apprentice and after the war had ended with an uneasy foundation of trust between the clans, Deadstar announced that Shadowedkit would be the new Medicine Cat Apprentice of EclipseClan.

Medicine Cat Apprentice [6+ moons]

Shadowedpaw quickly grew into his position as a Medicine Cat Apprentice, learning fast. He loved being able to go out in the territory more and took frequent trips to the EclipseClan borders to go on herb errands. He absorbed everything that Sagemask taught him, increasing his skills and readily applying his knowledge to actual situations.

At these borders, he eventually met a TorrentClan warrior named Jaguarspots. Jaguarspots, taking advantage of the young cat’s naivety and newly appointed prominent position in the clan, started to mold and groom Shadowedpaw. Shadowedpaw, in turn, trusted him and Jaguarspots became a second, cooler father figure.

Additionally, an EclipseClan warrior named Timberstrike also noticed Shadowedpaw and taught him to fight like a warrior on the side, becoming a third father figure in Shadowedpaw’s eyes. However, the constantly conflicting advice from all three prominent adults in his life caused strife within his mind and made him go through a cycle of distrust and stress.

For the next two moons since his appointment, he worked with ease until Tinykit fell sick with greencough. As Shadowedpaw had a close relationship with Tinykit and remembering how his sister died, he soon became obsessed with curing him. Luckily, his efforts did not go unrewarded as Tinykit never succumbed to the sickness.

At 8 moons, the fateful Gathering where the earth was shaken had a huge effect on him. Of course, he never participated in the fighting that occurred before it, but the suddenness and how almost prophetic it was gave him much to think about. Not only that, but the loss of his home and the disappearance of Deadstar, his main father figure, has impacted him in a mentally negative way.

When the clans decided to move, he stepped up to help guide EclipseClan as Deadstar disappeared, a noticeable lack of a deputy and Sagemask being busy. He wanted to prove to himself, Timberstrike, Jaguarspots, and Deadstar that he can manage, but he quickly became overwhelmed by the weight of his responsibility.

The move was finalized as he turned 9 moons, and he settled into EclipseClan’s new cavernous home easily. While it was not the same as the old darkened forest of his past, Shadowedpaw took to exploring the tunnels during his downtime. In the Southern Tunnels, he discovered a small underground lake and he now spends most of his time there.

While the move was mainly positive, Shadowedpaw fell into a depression after settling in. The herb supply had to be restocked, with some herbs (especially catmint) only available outside of the territory, Deadstar was still gone at this time, and he felt disappointed that he could not fit in shoes that were already too big for him. Exhaustion and a negative attitude bogged him down. He sorely distrusted outside cats, as a result of prolonged exposure to Timberstrike, and refuses to talk to any of them.

As a result, his own duties suffered as well. He went through the motions of basic healing, but he did not get the same joy he used to get. Sagemask, upon noticing this, took him aside and taught him how to compartmentalize his stress and to better deal with the mental issues that may arise from being a Medicine Cat. The mindfulness helped Shadowedpaw a lot, but it would still take some time for him to realign. Occasionally Sagemask would teach him how to meditate and how to heal himself spiritually. While Shadowedpaw did not understand at the time, as he grew he would appreciate

With Deadstar’s absence, the lack of a deputy, and Sagemask being busy, the first gathering after the move Shadowedpaw had to address all five clans as a leader would. Despite his youth and his uncertainty about doing so, his ambitions took the wheel and he did his job. Timberstrike, who would soon become the deputy, took Shadowedpaw aside and congratulated him on his success. This resonated with Shadowedpaw and made him feel closer to Timberstrike.

At 10 moons, Shadowedpaw ventured to the EclipseClan borders for an encounter that would linger with him for a long time. At the border, he met Frostflight, who at first did not recognize his own son, and vice versa. Once Shadowedpaw revealed that his mother, Thymeripple, had met a cat who left shortly after she told him she was pregnant, Frostflight eventually recognized him as his son. In a typical fashion, as he’s done time and time again, Frostflight fled the scene. Shadowedpaw, now putting together that the fleeing tom was his father, soon went in hot pursuit, caught up in his emotions over his absence. He soon caught the older tom as the latter had tripped over a tree root. Threatening Frostflight and telling him that he hopes he never sees him again, Shadowedpaw left with a sour taste in his mouth after meeting his father.

Within a moon after this encounter, he met an apprentice by the name of Dapplepaw. As he got to know her, he eventually got to know her “friends” as well, who were Russetpaw, a sadistic apprentice from DriftClan, and Smokepaw, his half-sister that resides in SleetClan. He didn’t know Smokepaw was his half-sister at the time that he first met her.

Dapplepaw, in an attempt to introduce her new friend to her other friends, had encouraged him to tell them who he hated the most. He hesitated at first, as his instincts told them that these were bad cats, but eventually he settled on Frostflight, his biological father that he shared with Smokepaw. He only intended to scare him and teach him a lifelong lesson for leaving his mother, his sister, and himself to fend for themselves within EclipseClan. The group of apprentices planned a manhunt for the tom and Shadowed prepared for the journey.

When the day came for the trip, he and Dapplepaw met Smokepaw and Russetpaw on the outskirts of the clans. Shadowedpaw had brought herbs with him and had a cover story ready for Deadstar and Sagemask to believe if they questioned his absence.

The cats soon headed out, and within a day and a half, the troupe found Frostflight and instantly ambushed him. Shadowedpaw hid behind a tree, not wanting to get in the middle of the battle. He had a strong belief against violence, especially against innocents. Although he had encouraged Deadstar to go into war against SleetClan over Cherrykit, he saw SleetClan as enemies and believed it would make EclipseClan stronger. As he watched the apprentices and warrior brawl, he had an internal revelation and he dealt the killing blow to his father, feeling freer and less emotionally burdened than before. Oh, and he also found out that Smokepaw was his half-sister because of an argument she and Russetpaw had over Frostflight.

As the cats headed back, they were jumped by Raggedcrow, who dealt severe blows to Russetpaw. Shadowedpaw helped to heal the cat, despite the lack of full resources with him, and eventually got himself home after helping Russetpaw get back to DriftClan.

Sagemask, however, was waiting for him in EclipseClan camp, disappointed that he had been gone for days at a time without telling him why. Shadowedpaw explained, despite not telling him the full truth of his trip, and Sagemask understood. However, the older medicine cat was worried that Timberstrike may be a bad role model for the young medicine apprentice.

A couple of days after he returned home from the manhunt, Shadowedpaw wandered to the TorrentClan border and found Jaguarspots, whom he had not talked to in a long time. Despite arrogance and spite from the older tom, after Shadowedpaw told him about his trip to the loner territories, Jaguarspots expressed pride in the younger medicine apprentice.

Even though Shadowedpaw felt relieved and emotionally healed through his unhealthy coping mechanism called “killing your father”, he still questioned his decision and how it violated his morals as a medicine cat through and through. He wandered through the EclipseClan tunnels until he found a chamber with a small spring and a crystal, far away enough from camp to be at peace but close enough where he couldn’t get lost. And while he tried meditating like how Sagemask taught him to, his mind wouldn’t slow down to the speed he needed it to be at in order to work through his feelings. Therefore, he sought out Dapplepaw, asking to go along with him on a trip around the territory. She agreed and eventually took him to an old fox burrow that Russetpaw and Smokepaw had shown her when they first met each other.

This den, however, contained Dustpaw, a young DriftClan apprentice who had been captured by the sadistic apprentices and tortured moons ago. Upon seeing the state the broken down she-cat was in, Shadowedpaw enlisted the help of Dapplepaw to bring her to EclipseClan so she can be healed. And while she hesitated, knowing that Russetpaw and Smokepaw would be enraged that she helped Shadowedpaw remove the apprentice, she agreed, helping carry her across the outskirts and back to EclipseClan camp.

Once in camp, Shadowedpaw set to work on helping Dustpaw heal and now obsesses on her condition. If she were to die in his paws, he would lose all hope in the world and doubt himself into oblivion. She won’t talk to him at all, but he hopes that she understands that he’s here to help, not to hurt.

For the next few moons, Shadowedpaw worked diligently. Eventually, Dustpaw started to trust his decisions as her wounds healed. The medicine cat apprentice, now having fewer and fewer medicinal tasks to do in order to help Dustpaw, took it upon himself to rehabilitate her and get her walking again. He brought her to the chamber he had found before, trusting her to not let anyone else know that this was his sanctuary. By using the spring as a buoy for Dustpaw, he got to work on using water as physical therapy for the injured she-cat.

After a Medicine Cat meeting, an unassuming Shadowedpaw was ambushed by Russetpaw, who had found Smokepaw beaten to a pulp earlier. He had tried his best to heal her with the minuscule amount of herbs he had with him and eventually patched her up. For the next few weeks, he would visit the two apprentices, checking up on Smokepaw to make sure her wounds healed and that they weren’t getting infected.

Near the end of his time as a Medicine Cat Apprentice, Sagemask approached him about his learning and how much the tom had grown. Eventually, he gave Shadowedpaw his name, Shadoweddream, and died shortly after. This left Shadoweddream to bury his body and become the new medicine cat of EclipseClan.

-Roleplay is ongoing. More will be added as it continues.