Spiderfern (EC)

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For my first act of leader as EclipseClan, I break the truce between MeadowClan and EclipseClan!
— Spiderstar announcing the truce breaking a Gathering.


Spiderstar is an overly skinny black pelted tom with white freckles dappled across his muzzle and upon his thighs. He is incredibly tall, with long stringy legs, and a cold silver stare which makes him appear incredibly intimidating. Spider also has a slim, crooked tail from it being broken not once, but twice. Roleplayed/owned by ilovepicklestoo.


The day spider was born, his name was decided as a spider crawled across the nursery, startling every she-cat within it's vicinity. Growing up, Spider spent most his time watching over his younger step brother Thornthroat. His father Cloudeddawn though often was annoyed by the fact that his son was considered to be quite weak compared to the other cats his age, which is the reason Spider's parents grew distant. Not long after Thorn was born, his mother passed away due to heart failure and his biological father (Clouded) had been thrown out of the clan for several unknown reasons. 

Growing up, Spiderfern met many wonderful friends and had numerous crushes. He'd nearly been crushed by a tree with Deerspring, watched Eveningstar in her final moments, witnessed Sunnydream go missing for moons, and was the key factor to the war between Eclipseclan and Driftclan because of his deep hatred of Fallenstar. He was made deputy of EclipseClan by Buzzardstar. Spiderstar then planned on deciding the fate of his clan on his own, without the help of LightClan to guide him. After falling from a cliff and losing a life, he decided it was time to make EclipseClan stronger by retiring from leader, allowing Wigglehawk to become leader of EclipseClan.



Featherthroat and Cloudeddawn