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Twilighthaze (credit: Th1stlewing)
Current:DriftClan.png DriftClan
Past:TorrentClan.png TorrentClan (temporarily)
Biographical Information
Medicine cat
Medicine cat:Twilighthaze
DriftClan.png DriftClan Medicine Cat Apprentice
Preceded by:Darkpaw
Succeeded by:Frostpaw
DriftClan.png DriftClan Medicine Cat
Preceded by:Darkflutter
Roleplayed by:
Minecraft.png toonpey
Discord.png toonpey#6808


Twilighthaze is a lean and lanky tom-cat, but he is well-built and well-defined, like a typical DriftClan cat. His pelt is an ashen grey color, and it is soft and is medium in length. His ears, paws, and tail-tip are all black, but there is white fur running from his chest and underneath his belly. Twilighthaze has bright, royal blue eyes, and they gleam happily, usually. Typically, he wears a friendly smile and delighted expression, and his Australian accent is faint, almost barely noticeable.


Twilighthaze is a bubbly, excited-for-the-world kind of cat. He is happy, friendly, and always looking out for other cats. Whenever other cats are at ease, he is more easily at ease himself. He enjoys spending time with his friends, particularly Rainstone, and he gets excited to meet new cats. Although he is curious and wants to explore, he is wary to jump right into things. He likes to give thought to what he is doing, especially if it impacts other cats. Twilighthaze doesn’t like conflict, and sometimes he’d rather conform to do something he doesn’t want to do rather than create a conflict about his disagreement. He is careful, but not distrusting or paranoid, and sometimes he is even a little too naive. It’s safe to say he could easily be taken advantage of, especially his kindness and willingness to help others.



Twilightkit was born during a harsh, traumatic kitting that eventually cost his mother’s, Whiskersnap’s, death, alongside the death of his brother and sister, Adderkit and Turtlekit. His father was unknown. It was rumored that the father is a Driftclan cat, especially with Twilightkit’s build, but no tom stepped forward to take care of Whiskersnap before she died, and no tom stepped forward to raise Twilightkit after he was born.

Twilightkit was optimistic- originally from not understanding the tragedy around himself and then eventually from just his nature and personality- about his life. He was going to be okay, even without his parents. He would make a family of friends, instead. And that’s what the tom did; he made many friends: Rainkit, Thymekit, Halfkit, and Darkpaw, with Rainkit being his best friend.

When Twilightkit first met Rainkit, Thymekit, and Halfkit, it was a bit dramatic. Rainkit, who had been adopted into the clan by Batstar, was not the nicest of kits, and she picked on Twilightkit (unknownst to him) and Thymekit. Halfkit was younger than the other three kits, and he quickly became scared of Rainkit. Thymekit stepped in, being fed up with her mean attitude, but Rainkit ended up hitting him, tearing his ear, and drawing blood. Twilightkit grew fearful of her, but that anxiety didn’t last long… He was able to work with Rainkit on her attitude.

Twilightkit liked Rainkit a lot, and he wanted her to like him, too. Whenever he saw her alone, he’d waddle over and join her company, which at first annoyed her, but she eventually came around to enjoy his presence, too. Rainkit ended up sharing the secret about her family: foxes had killed both of her parents and most of her family off, and Batstar and Darkpaw had found her at the border. Twilightkit was upset about her tragic past, especially since it made Rainkit sad, but he wanted to comfort her. For the first time, he draped his tail over her shoulders and touched her, and much to his disbelief, she didn’t hit him for it.

The two kits liked each other so much that they grew worried about the couple moons they’d spend apart when Twilightkit was made an apprentice. He was two moons older than Rainkit (he was five and a half moons old and she was three and a half moons old) when she proposed that he should get in trouble in order to be held back as a kit. The idea was tempting, but Twilightkit was nervous. Rainkit wanted to leave camp, and she told him that she was planning on doing so with or without him. Twilightkit couldn’t just let her go by herself, so he trailed out of camp with her. Even though they stayed by the camp entrance, Twilightkit was still nervous, and their plan was for nought. The two didn’t even get caught when they went back to camp, but both promised they wouldn’t say a word about leaving to Thymekit or Halfkit.

Twilightkit met his final kithood friend, Darkpaw, towards the end of his kithood. He was interested to know about her apprenticeship, and when he found out she was a medicine cat, he was even more intrigued. The two talked for a while before he grew tired and excused himself for a nap.

The two grew closer, and eventually, the medicine cat- now Darkflutter- asked him to be her apprentice.


Twilightpaw started training smoothly. He was excited to leave camp and learn all about medicine. When Rainkit found out he had become an apprentice, though, she was upset, but she was even more upset when she found out he was a medicine cat apprentice. The two talked, eventually they were able to work out their issues.

Twilightpaw’s training continued, and he quickly made friends with other apprentices: Swanpaw and Dustpaw. Rainkit and Thymekit were also made apprentices. Twilightpaw was delighted to not only spend time on his studies, but now he could go on adventures legally with his friends. One day, Twilightpaw asked if Thymepaw, Rainpaw, and Dustpaw they wanted to take a walk outside of camp. The three agreed and headed out. Along the EclipseClan border, they encountered a rogue, Leafhunter, who knocked Thymepaw unconscious and attempted to kitnap him. Rainpaw hissed for Twilightpaw and Dustpaw to run, and with a little reluctance, they did, leaving Rainpaw to fight off the rogue and try to save Thymepaw. Both were in vain, though, and Leafhunter knocked Rainpaw unconscious, too. A warrior, Earthquake, ended up rescuing Rainpaw, but Thymepaw had been whisked away with the strange rogue.

Rainpaw eventually ended up in the medicine cat den with a concussion, and Darkflutter helped Twilightpaw treat her. Eventually, she left the medicine cat den, but it was during this time that Batstar committed suicide, and Rainpaw seemingly wanted to be distant from him.

Over the course of the next few moons, Twilightpaw helped Rainpaw out of her grief, and the two grew closer again. It was also during this time that Torrentclan’s medicine cat, Gentleheart, found an apprentice, Thriftpaw, but he immediately stepped down, leaving her with no mentor. Darkflutter took Thriftpaw under her wing, and Twilightpaw and Thriftpaw became acquaintances.

More time passed, and Twilightpaw grew more and more into his studies, becoming a relatively active and talented apprentice. Things were about to get shaky (quite literally), though, when LightClan grew upset with the clans at a Gathering. Cougarstar of Torrentclan got into a spat with Thistlestar of Driftclan, and the skies clouded over, storms raged down, and the ground started shaking. It was an earthquake sent down by Lightclan, and the clans scattered. Twilightpaw instinctively ran for Rainpaw, and the two ran off into the woods to seek shelter under dense roots and undergrowth. They held out the storm until late the next day.

By the time the two returned to the torn up Driftclan, it was desolate; the entire clan had vanished. Twilightpaw panicked, figuring they had left them behind, but Rainpaw didn’t care so much. The two set out to follow the clans, though, but they didn’t get far before running into Eclipseclan’s leader, Deadstar, who had been lying unconscious due to a head injury for most of the storm. He, too, had returned to Eclipseclan to find it empty. He mentioned a few cats had stayed back.

Unbeknownst to the three, there had been a prophecy leading the clans towards the rising sun, and so all five began to trek out to their new homes. The smaller group began to follow the relatively large trail the clans left behind them as they moved through the forest to hopefully new territory. It was hard finding food, water, and shelter, but there were plentiful herbs. Twilightpaw was able to keep up his studies, always identifying and using- if appropriate- different herbs (i.e. dock on sore/scratched up paw pads or different traveling herbs for strength/keeping off hunger).

On one occasion when the group was stopped, Rainpaw challenged Twilightpaw to climb up a tree, and as apprehensive as he was, he obliged. The two raced up to a low-hanging branch- Rainpaw winning, of course- and they sat up in the tree for a while, just chatting and having a bit of fun. When it was time to move on again, Twilightpaw couldn’t get down. Rainpaw, not wanting to have to wait, shoved him from their branch. The medicine cat luckily (in his mind, by the grace of Lightclan) landed on all fours, but he was terrified from the fall and landed heavily, Rainpaw snickering as she herself descended.

Twilightpaw and Rainpaw kept relatively to themselves throughout the journey- leaving Deadstar to do his own thing- so when he broke off one evening and didn’t return to the group until sunrise, it wasn’t too alarming to the apprentices. What was more interesting was the new cat tagging along with him: Windpaw, son of Eclipseclan’s former leader, Mulberrysky, and Deadstar’s apprentice. According to the leader, he had stayed back in Eclipseclan with his father due to an injury, but he had grown enough strength back to make the journey. The new apprentice remained quiet in grief, and Deadstar pulled the two Driftclan apprentices aside to inform them of new information: Cougarstar, who supposedly had stayed back during the initial start of the move, had found himself on the journey now, too, and he ran into Windpaw and Mulberrysky, who was his arch nemesis. Cougarstar tried to attack Windpaw, and Mulberrysky saved his son at the cost of his own life. Deadstar found Windpaw huddled near Mulberrysky’s dead body, and the two buried and mourned over the tom until the next sunrise when they returned to Twilightpaw and Rainpaw.

The group, now of four, wasn’t together for much longer. At the dawn of the next day, the group got up, rounded a large, rocky hillside, where they could see cats gathered on mountains across from them- tiny, moving specks sure to be cats. They crossed the valley and into territory that smelled much like Driftclanners had been there, and much to at least Twilightpaw’s delight, it was their new home! The two Driftclanners broke off from Deadstar and Windpaw, thanking them for their help along the way. Twilightpaw was eager to turn to Darkflutter, and when they finally were reunited, he broke down into tears and embraced her tightly. She was overjoyed to see him, too, and she treated his worn paws and let him rest.

Despite how long of a journey it was, Twilightpaw was happy he could do it. He grew stronger and looked more filled out, his muscles a little more definite underneath his coat. Even as a medicine cat, he survived, and that filled him with triumph.

Plus- and more importantly to him- he was getting closer to Rainpaw. The journey only solidified inevitable emotions. He liked her, and it was obvious was much as he tried to hide it. His face always got red whenever he was with her, and he only ever wanted to hang out with her. During the journey, they planned to explore their new territory once they got there, so the two went out a few days after they finally reached their destination. They stayed out of camp long enough to watch the sunrise and for Rainpaw to open up that she watched it every morning. Figuring this could be his chance, Twilightpaw offered to watch it again with her the next morning. She agreed, and they planned to meet in that exact spot the next day.

The two walked back from their meeting place together, figuring it wouldn’t be a problem, but as they entered camp, Darkflutter spotted them. She had to run something by Twilightpaw, but seeing him with Rainpaw intrigued her. She mentioned that the distance between Driftclan’s new camp and Torrentclan’s new camp was too long of a walk for her with her crippled leg, and she wanted to see if Thriftpaw could come to Driftclan to finish her training while Twilightpaw could take her place in Torrentclan for the time being. Rainpaw grew upset, not wanting to see her friend somewhere full- in her opinion- of dangerous cats, especially with Cougarstar on the loose. Darkflutter mentioned Rainpaw going with Twilightpaw, to which the apprentices were alright with, and she said she’d run it by Thistlestar, Thriftpaw, and Scarletstar, the new leader of Torrentclan. Rainpaw needed a nap, so she walked back to her den, leaving Twilightpaw with his mentor.

As soon as Rainpaw was out of ear-shot, Darkflutter pressed her apprentice with questions about his relationship with the other apprentice. Twilightpaw grew flustered, but he denied having any relationship with her outside of friendship. Darkflutter was unconvinced and said she was alright if they were together as long as they waiting to do anything- presumably have an official relationship and/or kits- until they were older. Paranoid now that he was thinking Darkflutter had caught onto his crush, he frantically denied everything again, and when the next day rolled around, he didn’t go out to meet Rainpaw.

Darkflutter was quick to run things by Thistlestar, Scarletstar, and Thriftpaw, and she got everything approved. Twilightpaw was essentially going to take Thriftpaw’s place for a few months, Rainpaw tagging along with him, and Thriftpaw would live in Driftclan for the rest of her training. Darkflutter was talking to Thistlestar the day she got everything squared away when Twilightpaw ran into them. She teased him again about Rainpaw, to which Thistlestar tagged on, and he grew anxious and upset. Again, he denied everything, and when Darkflutter mentioned him sleeping in versus pursuing his plans with Rainpaw (watching the sunrise), he muttered back a reply that there had been a change in plans. He stalked off, but not before being told he was in charge of telling Rainpaw they were leaving in three days for Torrentclan.

Twilightpaw dreaded the thought of telling Rainpaw, and he waited two days before telling her. He didn’t want to have to face her wrath and disappointment, but he knew he needed to tell her. He found her outside of camp, and she was furious that he had blown her off. As mad as she was, as soon as he explained that Darkflutter was onto them, she calmed down a little. Rainpaw questioned what he meant by his mentor being suspicious of them, reminding him that they weren’t even mates. There was really nothing to hide. The two joked back and forth, easing their tensions, much to Twilightpaw’s relief, and he informed her about their upcoming travels to Torrentclan. The offer was still up for grab if she wanted to go with him. Rainpaw eagerly agreed, and the two set off back home together.

The next day, Thistlestar, Earthquake, Thymepaw, Rainpaw, and Twilightpaw met Scarletstar and Thriftpaw at the border. It was spontaneously decided that Earthquake and Thymepaw would be joining Rainpaw and Twilightpaw, and Scarletstar almost hesitantly agreed. The groups switched, and Scarletstar led them back to their camp. At one point on the journey back, they had to cross water, and Twilightpaw rode Scarletstar’s back across the stream into their camp. Rainpaw and Twilightpaw agreed to find places to meet up again in Torrentclan.

Their life together in Torrentclan was easy. They got to live peaceful lives without doing much work. Twilightpaw was in charge of the medicine den, and the warrior and apprentices continued their duties, but to a lesser degree. Twilightpaw and Rainpaw continued to grow closer, and by this point, Twilightpaw knew he liked her as much more than a friend.

Time passed, and Twilightpaw was given his name, Twilighthaze. Rainpaw also was brought home so she could be given her warrior name, Rainstone. The two continued to live in Torrentclan for a few more moons.