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Wolfstar (credit: Wyatt)
Current:ShadowForest.png Shadow Forest
Past:MeadowClan.png MeadowClan
Biographical Information
Age:38 moons (3.1 years) at death
Cause of death:Killed by Batstar
Shadow forest resident:Wolfcall
Foster mother:Lilyblossom
Foster brother:Crowkit
MeadowClan.png MeadowClan Leader
Preceded by:Bouncestar
Succeeded by:Howlingstar
Roleplayed by:
Minecraft.png Mythic_Gaming
Discord.png Mythic#8897


Wolfcall has blue eyes and his pelt starts at a dark gray on his back that slowly fades into white on his underbelly and paws.


Kit Phase

Wolfkit never knew his parents. His father died in a border skirmish three moons before his birth and Wolfkit had just been too much for his frail mother, ultimately resulting in her death upon his birth. His siblings had perished before another queen could nurse them, the only thing that had saved Wolfkit was his notable size, the same factor that had doomed his mother. Being born in Leaf-Bare had brought it share of problems, but it was part of what had saved him. The queen who nursed him, Lilyblossom, had lost all except one of her litter as well, allowing for her surplus milk to nurture Wolfkit.

It was not a good season for MeadowClan, Wolfkit and Lilyblossom's kit, Crowkit, were the only two to be born. As a result, the two grew close, brothers in name, if not in blood. Wolfkit grew quickly, despite Crowkit being slightly older Wolfkit was the first to abandon milk for prey. By all accounts he was a huge cat, he towered over all the other kits and even some apprentices. During his fourth moon of life, tragedy struck. Crowkit, the brother with which he had made an oath to stay beside, perished when a massive storm caused one of the branches of the tree that grew in the middle of camp to snap, crushing the tom beneath it's weight. Wolfkit was struck with grief, causing him to withdraw from socialization with the younger kits that New-Leaf had brought. This led him to his second tragedy, meeting the confusingly named Wolfpaw. The two met through their self-imposed isolation. Wolfkit had retreated to a corner to avoid the sad gaze that was cast upon him whenever he was near Lilyblossom. She was still his foster mom, and she loved him, but she was never the same. The tragedy of losing all of her litter except one, only to have the perfectly healthy kit stolen away in a freak accident was too much, and she could not help but feel a deep sadness whenever Wolfkit approached.

However this drove Wolfkit further into social isolation. The one thing Wolfkit would never forget until much, much later, was their first time meeting. Wolfpaw was the medicine cat apprentice, but he was not a good one. Wolfpaw told the kit of the darkness of life, taught to him the unfairness of it all, but most importantly, he told him the legacy of their shared name. Every cat to have a name beginning in 'Wolf' in MeadowClan had lead horrid lives and met terrible fates. Wolfpaw thought that it was a curse from their ancestors, as all of them were related by some means, Wolfpaw was Wolfkit's cousin, and grandchild of Wolfpelt, the first one. Wolfkit couldn't help but feel haunted by this, everywhere he went from that day on he felt as if he were being watched by his ancestors, casting their curse upon him. Wolfpaw would not last however, as a moon before Wolfkit's apprentice ceremony, Wolfpaw would rid himself of his mortality, casting himself off a cliff to meet his demise.

Apprentice Phase

Wolfkit eventually made it, adopting the new name of Wolfpaw, a name that haunted him due to his memories of the previous owner. Wolfpaw continued in his isolation, however Lilyblossom had gotten better, returning to a semi-normal state. Wolfpaw began to talk with her again, and for a while it looked as if he might go back to a normal apprentice life under his mentor, Boulderfall, another huge tom, assigned to him to teach him how to fight and hunt using his weight and size, life took another bad turn for Wolfpaw when Lilyblossom was stolen away by an outbreak of greencough. Wolfpaw himself was laid low with the sickness although he managed to pull through.

Wolfpaw sank into a deep depression. It was rare for anyone to even hear him speak, and Boulderfall let him off the hook for awhile. During this darkness in his life, Wolfpaw came to a conclusion. Life is tough, and he had to be tougher. He shored himself up and tried to harden himself to the pain, and eventually the tears stopped coming. The tears never came back afterwards. As he trained under Boulderfall, Wolfpaw became an excellent fighter, developing into one of the best of his time eventually, although his hunting skills were always lacking, and he was clumsy without the pumping adrenaline. In his early apprentice moons he was often laughed at for being a 'scaredykit' despite being the biggest of the apprentices at this point. Often times this drove him out of camp, and the feeling of being watched by his ancestors manifested. Everytime he cast his eyes towards the shadows he saw eyes staring back at him, he saw his ancestors prowling, like vultures, waiting for him to perish like them. It only became worse and worse as he developed into a young warrior.

Warrior Phase

Wolfpaw received his name in an unceremonious way. Bouncestar had all but retreated from her Clan, and as a result Wolfpaw was deemed Wolfcall by the deputy. Wolfcall's insanity only progressed, and his isolation became perpetuated by the whole of the clan, and Wolfcall spent more and more time out of camp. He often times ventured to a lone tree on the DriftClan border. During a particularly loud shouting match at the figures that stalked his mind he met the first good change of his life: Sunshower. Sunshower was the light that tried to guide him out of the darkness. For a many moons Wolfcall was happy. He and Sunshower met at the border constantly, even when Sunshower eventually became Sunstar. To put it shortly, it didn't last.

Leader Phase

Wolfcall would soon become Wolfstar and everything began to fall apart. Wolfstar ruled as a dictator in his attempts to crush SleetClan as he saw them as a threat to not just his clan, but every clan.





  • Wanderpaw: Unknown residence