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"Look, I've known you for a long time and you're my best friend, Sunstar. I know I don't deserve you, but I want to be here for you. Always. And I messed this up last time, so I'll say it again. Sunstar, I love you. More than you'll ever know."
— Batstar to Sunstar before meeting her kits
Batstar (credit: NightMFlight)
Current:Lc.png LightClan
Past:DriftClan.png DriftClan
Biographical Information
Age:67 moons (5.5 years) at death
Cause of death:Suicide; threw himself off a cliff
Former mates:Lynxbite, Vixenfire
Foster daughter:Rainstone
DriftClan.png DriftClan Deputy
Preceded by:Sunshower
Succeeded by:Vixenfire
DriftClan.png DriftClan Leader
Preceded by:Sunstar
Succeeded by:Thistlestar
Roleplayed by:
Minecraft.png Painteh
Discord.png Morgan#9254


Batstar is a sleek, thin-furred black tom with a tight and skinny frame. He has deep, dark blue eyes with sharp, thick claws and a thin tail waving behind. One of his eyes is duller and clouded from blindness, and his dead left paw gives him a slight hobble.


Kit [1-6 moons]

Batkit was born as a weak, frail kit that wasn’t expected to live past his first moon. Thankfully, alongside his sister, Adderkit, he was able to recover. His father, Cedartuft, was a gruff DriftClan tom with little interest in his children. His mother, Finchcall, was a former EclipseClanner that looked over her kits with grace and passion.

Batkit was quite shy as a kit, but learned to be more like his loud-mouthed sister because of the attention, though negative, he received from acting rude and ignorant. His mother began to drift away and his father was hardly recognized as one in Batkit’s eyes. The only thing he looked forward to was his apprenticeship.

Apprentice [6-12 moons]

Batpaw was apprenticed under Bearmask, while Adderpaw was given a gentle she-cat as her mentor. Bearmask was harsh and cruel with not only his words, but also his claws. Finchcall discovered the scars under Batpaw’s fur and promised to change his mentor, but it never did end up happening. Life went on and Batpaw met Lynxpaw, who was a positive influence in his life at the time.

Near the middle of his apprenticeship, Adderpaw grew distant from Batpaw and mostly kept to herself. He tried to understand what was wrong, but she kept pushing him away so he stopped trying to empathize with her. He made daily visits with his mother and began to worry when she started asking who he was. Batpaw tried to find comfort from his father, however, Cedartuft simply shrugged him off and said he didn’t care. Batpaw finally confronted his sister on the mountain crops and asked what was wrong with her.

She admitted that Cedartuft had been abusing Finchcall since their birth, and their mother had finally slipped and her mind had simply shut down. Batpaw refused to believe her, unable to comprehend the idea that his father would do something like that. He left her in the forest and fell asleep in the apprentices’ den. The next day, Adderpaw’s nest was cold and Batpaw began to panic. He ran through the territory and eventually made it to a clearing, where he found her lying in a heap on the ground, neck bent at an awkward angle. A patrol found him later on in the day and took Adderpaw’s body back to camp.

The whole Clan grieved for her, Finchcall and Batpaw most of all. Cedartuft attended the vigil briefly, but decided sleep was more important than his dead daughter. The next moon was a blur until Finchcall woke Batpaw from his sleep and said she was leaving and that she couldn’t take the pain any longer. He watched her exit camp and stayed awake the whole night, wondering if he should’ve gone after her. The sun rose and a patrol was sent to find her. Cedartuft was furious when they never located Finchcall. The Clan sat vigil without a body and Cedartuft grew more vicious.

Warrior [12-27 moons]

After his assessment, Batpaw was given the name Batchaser. He became a warrior along with Lynxpaw, now Lynxbite. The two became inseparable and cats began gossiping. When word reached Batchaser’s ears, he realized that it was true — he loved Lynxbite. He just hadn’t seen it before.

After five moons of warriorship, Batchaser asked Lynxbite to be his mate. She said yes and he felt happiness again, if only for a while. The next moons brought snow and an ever-lasting chill to the Clans. Cedartuft became a victim of Greencough and was stationed in the medicine den for days. Batchaser visited his father and snarled that he knew what he’d done to their mother and that the Shadow Forest was ready to take him. Satisfied with his words, Batchaser left feeling like a new cat finally in control of his legacy. Cedartuft died three days later.

As Leaf-Bare blew away in the wind, Lynxbite admitted that she was pregnant with Batchaser’s kits. He was ecstatic. However, Lynxbite began to lash out at him, and even went so far as to state that she already hated their unborn kits. Batchaser took her on a walk and tried to understand what was happening with them. Lynxbite simply didn’t want to have kits, not with him. Heartbroken, he asked what he’d done wrong. Before she could answer, a swoop and tangle of brown feathers dove down and carried Lynxbite from the cliff. Batchaser watched, shocked, as she was carried away by the eagle.

Batchaser spent the next long moons snapping at anyone that spoke to him. His temper flared and he made sure to push away anyone that stepped too close into his boundaries. One day, Sunshower, DriftClan’s deputy, called Batchaser, Vixenpaw, and Fallenpaw on a patrol to scout out strange scents on the border. He grudgingly went along, making sure to taunt all three she-cats on the way. When they made it to the border, two dogs dove from the foliage and attacked the patrol.

Sunshower and Batchaser were able to fend off one, while Fallenpaw was injured from the other. One of the dogs picked Vixenpaw up in its teeth and shook her like a limp piece of prey. Batchaser sprang forward and clawed the dog’s eyes and muzzle so it would drop the apprentice. Vixenpaw was able to scramble away. Batchaser continued batting at the canine when it sank its fangs into his paw and dragged him forward. The nerves were crushed and he screamed in pain before Sunshower and Vixenpaw could drive the dog away. The other had already run off.

Sunshower was optimistic about his recovery, but Batchaser already knew that his paw would never work again. It was dead and unfeeling. He struggled to learn how to use it again, and thus acquired an ever-lasting hobble. His new friends were supportive through this time, and he found himself talking with the three more and more. Vixenpaw became Vixenfire, and Fallenpaw became Fallenmist. Batchaser’s feelings for Sunshower grew but he was too afraid to act on them, terrified of being hurt again.

Blazingstar grew ill and eventually passed in his sleep. Sunshower became Sunstar and the question of deputy was in tow. As Fallenmist drifted away, Losttail wriggled his way into their friend group. Batchaser suspected the tom would become the next deputy.

Deputy [27-41 moons]

Was Batchaser wrong. Sunstar announced him as the new deputy of DriftClan, much to his shock and disbelief. He accepted the position and felt a new responsibility for his Clan. Despite this, Batchaser was still just as snarky and rude, but his mask had dropped just a bit.

Vixenfire eventually disappeared from the Clan, leaving her friends to wonder why she’d left. Batchaser and Sunstar found comfort in each other, while Fallenmist became a complete stranger to them.

Meanwhile, a new tom by the name of Wolfstar became leader of MeadowClan. He was vocally opposed to SleetClan, the newest of the five Clans, and had thoughts and plans to drive them out. Petrelstar attempted to dampen Wolfstar’s threats, but nothing seemed to soothe the new leader. When Grumpyface became deputy under Wolfstar, he was ordered to injure any warriors that supported SleetClan. Raintail was pinned and his eye was ripped out before he was able to escape to DriftClan. Sunstar let the MeadowClan warriors in, while the “loyals” stayed behind with Wolfstar.

Batchaser met Raintail and eventually considered him his best friend. After hearing what had happened in MeadowClan, he decided that he hated Wolfstar and everything the tyrant stood for. He was able to push these feelings away to make more time for Sunstar, and realized how much he loved the she-cat. Batchaser asked her to go on a walk with him and brought her on the mountain tops, nerves getting the best of him. He finally admitted that he had feelings for her and was dismayed to see her shocked reaction.

Sunstar tried to explain that she didn’t feel the same way about him, but it wasn’t enough for Batchaser. He pressed the issue and Sunstar finally admitted that she was mates with Wolfstar and was pregnant with his kits. Batchaser was furious, but felt guilty when she started to cry. He decided that she couldn’t choose who she loved and comforted her, trying to come up with some kind of compromise. Sunstar said that Losttail could act as a father for the kits. Batchaser was hurt, but nonetheless supported the idea.

Sunstar eventually safely bore the kits in DriftClan, naming them Howlingkit, after Wolfstar, and Wanderkit, after her former deceased mate, Lostheart. Batchaser often played with the two kits, taking into account the way Losttail continuously distanced himself from Sunstar. The kits became apprentices and Batchaser watched them fondly, feeling more love for the two than he ever had for any cat before.

Later, Losttail was run over by a monster on the border and spilled Sunstar’s secret to Stormstar, EclipseClan’s leader, before he died. Sunstar was upset and never forgave Losttail, but managed to speak to Stormstar and word never got out. Over in MeadowClan, Grumpyface stepped down as deputy and left the Clan without a vital rank.

Wanderpaw eventually disappeared, but Howlingpaw became Howlingwolf and turned into a fine young warrior. She called Batchaser “Uncle Batty”, and he felt like he finally had a family to care for. Sunstar stepped down as leader to spend more time with her family, and thus began a new era for DriftClan.

Leader [48-67 moons]

Batchaser was granted his nine lives and became Batstar. There was a new question for deputy, but he was distracted with new alliances and new authority over DriftClan. He spoke to Petrelstar and was able to make an alliance with SleetClan, but heavily disliked Stormstar so never bothered to try and create anything there. TorrentClan was practically MIA and Batstar refused to ever try and become friends with Wolfstar. They would often argue on the border and scuffle a bit, but nothing more than that.

Sunshower’s mental health began to deteriorate and Batstar decided that he couldn’t be selfish anymore. He spoke to her and granted her access to join MeadowClan with Howlingwolf if she wished, so that she could finally spend time with Wolfstar as a family. She accepted and thanked him, saying goodbye before leaving with her daughter. Batstar watched them and felt a new sort of emptiness surround DriftClan. Raintail and Fallenmist had drifted away from him, Losttail was dead, and Vixenfire was gone. He truly felt alone.

Howlingwolf became deputy of MeadowClan and Wolfstar stepped down. Newly-named Howlingstar led her Clan with dedicated honor and tried her best to reverse her father’s crimes. Wolfcall and Batstar continued to meet on the border and argue back and forth, but it was more light-hearted than anything. Batstar tried his best to lead DriftClan, but the overwhelming loneliness made it difficult for him.

A new problem with rogues became apparent, mostly with Sunbreaker and his friends. Wolfcall and Batstar actually managed to team up to protect Sunshower and Howlingwolf, but never reverted from being enemies after. Howlingstar fell into the river during this time and Batstar leapt in to try and save her. Both of them lost a life, but Wolfcall managed to drag them out before anything worse could happen. The rogue problem disappeared entirely along with Sunbreaker, and things went back to normal.

And then Vixenfire returned. She’d left so many moons ago to try and find her family and had finally returned, hoping that Sunstar would let her back into the Clan. Batstar accepted her and made her his deputy, feelings growing for her with time. He eventually became mates with Vixenfire.

After another few moons had passed, Batstar once again met Wolfcall on the border. This time, however, he was truly angered by Wolfcall’s words and attacked the sick tom. Wolfcall managed to scar Batstar’s face and sight was lost from his left eye. Sunshower and Howlingstar tried to intervene, but Batstar lost control and clawed Wolfcall’s throat. He watched, horrified, as the tom bled out and died right then. Sunshower was heartbroken and Howlingwolf was angered and in disbelief. They told Batstar to leave and he did.

He spiraled into guilt and let a rogue on the border kill him - he was now on his last life. When Batstar told Vixenfire what he’d done, she nervously backed away and asked how he could do such a thing. Batstar couldn’t answer and realized that their relationship was most likely over now. She disappeared once again, leaving Batstar shattered. He met Cougarstar, the new TorrentClan leader, on the border and taunted the tom. Cougarstar wanted a fight but Batstar left, disinterested and scared of what he could do if he lost control again.

He began to have nightmares of drowning and rogue attacks, the grief and doubt taking control of his entire state of mind. At a gathering, Mulberrysky announced that he was to become leader of EclipseClan after Goldenstar’s disappearance. Batstar and Howlingstar talked during his speech and were publicly scolded by Mulberrysky. Batstar insulted the new leader and grew angry at a SleetClan warrior below dramatically yawning. Blood rushed to his head as Mulberrysky continued to argue with him, and finally yelled how much he hated DriftClan. Mostly everyone kept away from him after.

Moons passed and Batstar stumbled on the MeadowClan border one day, not realizing anything was wrong until he heard yowls. Batstar ran toward the noise and found Sunshower, Howlingstar, and Sandstream fighting a rogue named Whitefang. Before Sandstream could be hurt, Sunshower leapt in front of him and Whitefang clawed her throat. He was chased away and Batstar ran to her, holding Sunshower in his paws. He cried and apologized for everything he’d ever done. She pressed her muzzle into his chest as her last act of forgiveness and her last goodbye. She was dead. Batstar reverted to his old self, snapping rudely at anyone that spoke to him and taunting those he didn’t like. The nightmares grew worse and he had thoughts of suicide, but never truly acted upon them.

After long moons of doubt, Batstar was one day approached by Darkpaw, DriftClan’s new medicine cat, and she asked if he could accompany her on the mountainside. She wanted to pick some herbs, but was wary of the rogue problem. He went along with her near the rogue border and scented blood. The two ran toward the scent and found a two moon old kit lying motionless on the ground. They brought her back to the medicine den to heal, and Batstar decided to return to the border to investigate.

Upon departing after finding nothing, Mulberrystar greeted him on the EclipseClan border. Batstar hadn’t forgotten about the gathering moons ago that didn’t quite go in his favor, but was nice enough nonetheless. Mulberrystar stated that Cougarstar had killed him after an argument and wanted to form an alliance against him. Already disliking the TorrentClan leader, Batstar accepted. MeadowClan joined Mulberrystar’s side and SleetClan stayed out of the war.

Before the planned attack on TorrentClan’s camp, Batstar spoke to the kit he’d found with Darkpaw, now Darkflutter, on the border. She said her parents hadn’t named her and that they’d left her to die after a fox attack on her family. Batstar let her join DriftClan and named her Rainkit, for her dark blue-gray pelt, and after his old best friend, Raintail.

The first battle was at moonhigh the next night and the three Clans attacked TorrentClan. Rogues fought alongside Cougarstar, mostly those who had temporarily joined or were kidnapped. EclipseClan captured one of TorrentClan’s kits and Mulberrystar and Cougarstar fought. Mulberrystar left the battle, victorious. After watching one of his warriors, Batstar announced later that night that Thistlecloud was to be his new deputy.

TorrentClan attacked EclipseClan’s camp a few days later and stole one of Mulberrystar’s newborn kits. After winning, a kit trade was in order. EclipseClan retreated from the war and named TorrentClan as the winner. DriftClan and MeadowClan stepped down as well, Batstar quite disinterested in fighting anymore.

Batstar adopted Rainkit as his daughter and felt love for her once more, reminded of Howlingstar and how she’d grown up in DriftClan. Rainkit had a sharp tongue and a rogue mindset, but Batstar adored her nonetheless. She became friends with Twilightkit, who eventually became the medicine cat apprentice, and Batstar made Rainpaw and Thymepaw apprentices.

As the moons began to pass, Batstar’s mental health only seemed to decrease. He couldn’t concentrate, snapped at any cats that weren’t Rainpaw, and had very little to do with DriftClan anymore. After Rainpaw was knocked out by a rogue and Thymepaw was kidnapped, Batstar visited his foster daughter while she was unconscious and apologized to her. He wished for her to be named Rainshower, after Sunshower, but knew the decision was ultimately up to Thistlecloud when he became leader.

He told Rainpaw he loved her and left the den. Batstar shared a few words with Thistlecloud before leaving camp to the MeadowClan border. He met with Howlingstar and told her how proud he was and how proud Sunshower and Wolfcall surely were. Howlingstar was worried because Batstar wasn’t often this sentimental, but he assured her he was fine.

He departed and found a cliff near the edge of the territory. He looked across the horizon at the sun and felt that, for once in his life, he was making the right decision. And then, just like that, Batstar let his paws slip and he dropped from the cliff. He died upon impact with the ground. When he awoke in LightClan, he was younger and no longer had half-blindness, his scars, or a dead paw. Sunshower greeted him and he realized where she was - she’d chosen to follow Wolfcall to the Shadow Forest. They had a heartfelt reunion and Batstar swore he’d visit her again. They said their goodbyes and when Batstar turned to enter LightClan’s territory, he realized that he was finally happy again.


Nine Lives
Life Given by Gift